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Date: 06/01/19 07:14
Switcher Saturday
Author: Jimmies

Quite a collection of switchers outside of Lambton Diesel Specialists in Sarnia this week.  Sorry, I could not make out the road numbers for any of them as they are just a bit too far away.

Left to right are:

CN GP9R, GE switcher, patched ex-CP GP9 likely to be re-painted, hiding beyond the white truck is the ESSO switcher, LDS switcher in black, CSX GP 38, Nova Chemicals switcher in blue and white, and in front of that, last but not least, with the cab removed sits another switcher in grey primer paint.



Date: 06/01/19 11:07
Re: Switcher Saturday
Author: gcm

Interesting variety of power.

Date: 06/02/19 10:48
Re: Switcher Saturday
Author: feclark

That is just too tantalizing, isn't it? Lovely grouping; I like the handrail set-up over the cab door on the NOVA unit, a neat modelling project.

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