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Date: 08/12/19 02:22
Updating the VIA Atlas
Author: ghCBNS

The May 2003 TRAINS Magazine ‘Map of the Month’ featured a detailed look at the routes that have been added or mostly deleted since VIA first appeared in 1976....and some of the biggest deletions were in January 1990 when nearly the entire CP ‘Canadian’ transcontinental route disappeared and then in December 2004....CP’s ‘Atlantic’ route across Maine.

There were 97 entries for the first 27 years. These are routes or track segment added or deleted. NOT the addition or discontinuance of an individual train.

Going forward from 2003 there really hasn’t been that many route changes. Here’s what I’ve found. Anything else??


April 23, 2004 (Delete) CN Sarnia-Port Huron MI (St. Clair Tunnel) daily ‘International’ (the time I rode, the VIA crew ran to/from Port Huron so I’m assuming that’s where it became an Amtrak train?)

October 2004 (Delete) CB&CNS Truro-Sydney, seasonal ‘Bras d’Or’ tour train.

December ?, 2005 (Add) CP Reynolds/Boyne (near Parry Sound) to Wanup/St. Cloud (south of Sudbury) ‘Canadian’ westbound only directional running on CP.

March 19, 2011 (Delete) E&N Victoria-Courtney former ‘Malahat’ RDC Dayliner.

December 11, 2011 (Delete) Matapedia – Gaspe. former ‘Chaleur’ (did the Chaleur run for a time between Matapedia and New Carlisle only?)

January ?, 2014 (Add) CN Joffre – Charny. 'Ocean’ westbound only (short 0.3 mile segment of wye that allows the Ocean to head directly to the Quebec Bridge and onto Ste.Foy. It then backs out to Joffre to resume the run to Montreal)

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