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Date: 09/02/19 09:17
CMQ New Brunswick Southern info
Author: SD45X

When do the regular trains run?  Want to get the CMQ train one? Also when the New Brunswick Southern runs between St John and McAdams. THanks. Driving so can’t search.

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Date: 09/02/19 14:01
Re: CMQ New Brunswick Southern info
Author: CPR_4000

I seem to remember reading that CMQ Job 1 leaves Brownville Junction around 3-4 pm.

Date: 09/02/19 14:07
Re: CMQ New Brunswick Southern info
Author: Lackawanna484

I believe the New Brunswick Southern also serves the Moosehead Brewery in Saint John.  They have (had?) an excellent brewery tour and tasting.

Date: 09/02/19 17:03
Re: CMQ New Brunswick Southern info
Author: cn6218

The latest word I heard was that CMQ #1 is on duty at Brownville Jct., ME at 1600.  Assuming it takes them and hour to get out of town, it would be another hour (1800) before they get to the first accessible location, Onawa, ME.  That means you have to do an awful lot of driving, for not a lot of shooting time.  The train is not accessible when they are assembling it at Brownville.  They are far to the west of the old CPR station and out of sight with no roads.  They also only operate Tue-Sat, so keep that in mind.

CMQ doesn't operate in New Brunswick, but NBSR does, of course.  I think they're Mon-Fri, at least, leaving Saint John between 10 and noon each day.  They use the old CPR frequency for over the road communications and to contact the RTC, 161.475 MHz.  Train 907 gets to McAdam in the middle of the afternoon, and then continues on into Maine with the American crew.  They will meet 908 somewhere, usually Bancroft, but it will likely be dark by then.  908 through NB is almost always in the dead of night.


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