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Date: 11/04/19 01:28
Kitchener-Waterloo 'ION'
Author: ghCBNS

Here's a few shots along the new 'ION' Light Rail in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.



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Date: 11/04/19 01:29
Re: Kitchener-Waterloo 'ION'
Author: ghCBNS


Date: 11/04/19 02:45
Re: Kitchener-Waterloo 'ION'
Author: ghCBNS

Some of the Light Rail Right-of-Way in Downtown Waterloo and out past the University was once used by the Waterloo Central tourist trains. Here's some shots from 2007:

Date: 11/04/19 03:19
Re: Kitchener-Waterloo 'ION'
Author: mundo

Thanks for these photo's, had never seen for this system.

Date: 11/04/19 04:37
Re: Kitchener-Waterloo 'ION'
Author: refarkas

The "Then" photos made this even better. Great "less-than-perfect-weather" photos.

Date: 11/04/19 21:17
Re: Kitchener-Waterloo 'ION'
Author: feclark

How different from Edmonton's LRT, where anything hit at a grade crossing is going to disappear under the lead truck, if it survives the battering ram of the exposed coupler. That has always freaked me out, so this design seems much better suited to the set up. Nice shots.

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