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Date: 11/11/19 14:36
Slip & Slide
Author: hoggerdoug

In the Williams Lake Tribune, report of Hwy 99 closed north of Lillooet account grade slip. This would be up around mile 167.7 on the BC Rail Lillooet sub. This area has been slipping to the Fraser River for many years causing problems for the highway and railway. Last time I was over this track in 2008 it was 10 mph with quite a visible and dramatic grade slip.


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Date: 11/12/19 08:14
Re: Slip & Slide
Author: eminence_grise

Archaeologists and geologists now think that this slide came down massively sometime in the last two hundred and fifty years. The First Nation "tellings" (legends) talk of this.
The Fountain band lived right above the location and they told the Lilwat (Lillooet) and Lytton bands downstream about the fact that a great slide had blocked the Fraser Canyon.

All the way downstream, First Nation villagers packed up and moved higher up the canyon walls. Some abandoned the Fraser valley entirely.

In time, the blockage broke free, and a giant wave carried debris as far as the river delta near Vancouver. Debris has been located far up the canyon walls and at locations far from the river in the lower valley.

Older First Nation dwellings have been found where the is evidence of an orderly evacuation took place.

On the Thompson River to the south, a similar but smaller  event took place just west of Spences Bridge just before the Gold Rush of the 1860's.

A modern equivalent would be the slide at Thistle,Utah. which took several years to remedy.


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Date: 11/13/19 11:22
Re: Slip & Slide
Author: SD45X

Thistle ,UTAH

Date: 11/14/19 10:23
Re: Slip & Slide
Author: KM-ML4000

Does the CNR run track patrols ahead of trains like the BCR did?

Date: 11/14/19 12:57
Re: Slip & Slide
Author: hoggerdoug

Most trains south from Kelly Lake may have a track patrol ahead. Not always, only if a patrolman is available. There has been a lot of slide detection / rock fence installed.

KM-ML4000 Wrote:
> Does the CNR run track patrols ahead of trains
> like the BCR did?

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