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Canadian Railroads > MLW Monday, CPR RS-10

Date: 01/06/20 20:17
MLW Monday, CPR RS-10
Author: EL833

A July 1979 trip to Canada found me in North Bay, Ontario for a few days. The CPR yard and engine house area near downtown was packed with a variety of units including this set of power with RS-10 #8465 on the west end. Technically this is the rear of the unit as these were set up to run long hood front. The large Multimark and a high short hood full of stripes made for a neat view regardless. I hear this area has changed a lot and these rail facilities along the waterfront are all gone now. The 8465 was retired in late 1982 and scrapped.

Roger Durfee
Akron, OH

Date: 01/06/20 20:33
Re: MLW Monday, CPR RS-10
Author: krm152

Nice engine terminal scene.  Looks like two GMD's hiding among four MLW's.
Thanks for the photo post.

Date: 01/07/20 03:47
Re: MLW Monday, CPR RS-10
Author: algoma11

North Bay WAS a great spot to railfan, with Via, CN, CP, and ONR! 

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

Date: 01/07/20 10:47
Re: MLW Monday, CPR RS-10
Author: zartok-35

It’s entirely possible 8465 and the GP9 further back with the roof torpedoes are stationed as protection power for The Canadian incase of engine failure.

Posted from iPhone

Date: 01/13/20 14:44
Re: MLW Monday, CPR RS-10
Author: SD45X

That a GP35 back there??

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