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Date: 01/07/20 10:29
An Odd Arrangement
Author: cn6218

While scanning slides the other night, I discovered this one that caught my eye.  Not only were there still two tracks at the Bedford Quarry, but the placement of the Skyline ahead of the coaches on the Ocean is different from pictures taken before and after this shot.  From time to time VIA would deadhead a Park car to Halifax right behind the power, but the Skylines have traditionally gone between the coaches and diner.  In the original scan I can see the diner and then some Chateau sleepers behind the two coaches.  Unfortunately there wasn't enough open space here to see the end of the train too.  This location turned out to be a great spot to shoot the Bras d'Or, with a consist that would always fit.

The date of this shot was October 25, 1998.


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Date: 01/07/20 13:01
Re: An Odd Arrangement
Author: refarkas

Both the location and image are great.

Date: 01/07/20 16:07
Re: An Odd Arrangement
Author: andrewcastle

That is a bit different. I know in the late 1990s Via tried a couple different placements of the Skyline car. I have a couple photos where the Skyline was between two coaches. The consist was baggage, coach, Skyline, coach, diner, three or four Chateau sleepers, then the Park car.

Andrew C

Date: 01/07/20 20:31
Re: An Odd Arrangement
Author: jp1822

Could the Skyline Dome Car be actually dead-heading and not in service for some reason......hence why it was pushed to the front of the consist?

Date: 01/08/20 04:22
Re: An Odd Arrangement
Author: andrewcastle

Deadheading cars were usually placed ahead of the baggage car so I suspect the Skyline on this train is in service.


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