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Canadian Railroads > CP uncontrolled move Field BC

Date: 01/23/20 13:28
CP uncontrolled move Field BC
Author: KD

Heard on the CBC news this morning that CP had a grain car runaway near Field last week and derail
No injuries. CP comment was human error. Anyone have further information?

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Date: 01/23/20 23:41
Re: CP uncontrolled move Field BC
Author: Marcus

A post by "SD70Dude" on Trains magazine discussion board included,

2020-01-14 06:00 Classification: BEING ASSESSED
Province: Nearest Town/City:
MOUNTAIN Subdivision Mileage: 5.60

Occurrence Summary:
CP assignment 301-311 was switch 2 cars from Field yard track 2 to track 3
when the tail end car 
loaded covered hopper
 355057 (wheat) ran westward uncontrolled on the main track for 5.5 miles.
The car derailed at mile 5.6 Mountain Sub. No injuries. No

DG involved. Being assessed.

Date: 01/24/20 07:52
Re: CP uncontrolled move Field BC
Author: eminence_grise

Field BC has a power derail at the west end where the yard tracks join the main line.

Unattended equipment has run away from the yard westward in the past, because the yard has a slight downgrade westward. Field also can experience very strong winds which have been known to move equipment.

A friend was working there in the 1950's when a flatcar loaded with rails got away from the switch crew working in Field yard. It was before CTC was installed, but there were ABS semaphores on the main line. Quick work by the operator and the switch crew had the yard engine give chase. They realized the flat car was outpacing them as they noted the intermediate semaphores were going back to the vertical position. They also knew exactly which curve the car would derail on. When they arrived at the location, they noted the rails had been ejected like spears into a trackside swamp, but were gradually vanishing into the reeds. The car and contents were never recovered.

I wonder how close the location was to the one where the grain car derailed.?

Luckily in both cases there was no train approaching from the west.

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