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Date: 02/10/20 05:39
MLW Monday
Author: hoggerdoug

A little bit of everything.  Spadina shops, August 1980.

Date: 02/10/20 14:14
Re: MLW Monday
Author: krm152

Definitely like the scene.  It really provides a good snapshot back into time.  Thanks for the posting.

Date: 02/10/20 15:23
Re: MLW Monday
Author: King_Coal

CN/ VIA seemed to embrace the RS18s in passenger service. Nice variety. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 02/10/20 17:23
Re: MLW Monday
Author: algoma11

It was Disneyland for raifans ! Great place.

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

Date: 02/11/20 09:56
Re: MLW Monday
Author: jbohdan2

I love seeing old shots from the Spadina roundhouse and servicing area.  It was in fact a Disneyland for me in my youth.  I the 70's, my father was a UAW representative and he would take my family up to Toronto from our home in the States for some convention that was often staged there.  One year we stayed at the York Hotel right downtown and I took my mom's Instamatic camera, with my younger brother in tow, to explore the nearby roundhouses and the coach yard.  Those crude prints that I still have to this day document where I went and what I saw.  I cringe a bit over the idea of younger kids exploring these very busy areas, but we were well-behaved and never drew any admonishments or even notice as I remember.  Try that today......  Last year I went back to visit those same grounds.  Other than the shell of one of the roundhouses now repurposed as a brewery, you would never know what was once there.

Date: 02/11/20 10:38
Re: MLW Monday
Author: TCnR

Looking at the contemporary Google views the diference is stunning. Major changes to the whole area, somebody made a few bucks.

Curious if the roundhouse has any connection to the outside rails, or are all the exhibits moved in or out on rubber tire transports?

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