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Date: 03/31/20 01:34
TEMPO Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

Images of CN Tempo units. These RS 18's were modified with HEP in the short hood, the walkway on the short hood end was eliminated for extra room for the HEP. They also had  had two control stands for directional running. They looked pretty sharp in the bold paint scheme along with the new passenger cars built for the new Tempo service. These units and equipment were used on the Toronto - Windsor corridor for a number of years.

3154 west bound at Dundas (Ontario) station Feb 1971
3150 near Dundas , April 1971

Date: 03/31/20 01:39
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

CN 3155 & 3153 near Dundas, Ont,  east bound April 1971

3150 east bound in the evening near Dundas April 1971. In the background you can see a portion of the Sydenham road bridge being built to span the double track CN. The new wider bridge replaced a nasty single lane bridge.

Date: 03/31/20 01:41
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

couple more shots at Bayview Jct,  October 1978
thanks for looking.

Date: 03/31/20 08:16
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: viatrainrider

Am I correct in recalling that those Tempo cars went to DRG&W for t heir  ski train??

Date: 03/31/20 08:49
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: King_Coal

Neat looking train. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 03/31/20 09:22
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: ghCBNS

viatrainrider Wrote:
> Am I correct in recalling that those Tempo cars
> went to DRG&W for t heir  ski train??

Yes.....and now back in Canada on the Algoma Central Canyon Train. They also were in joint VIA/Amtrak service on the International between Toronto and Chicago.

Date: 03/31/20 09:45
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: gaspeamtrak

Wow Doug these  were awesome looking engines and cars!
I used to see them between Brantford and Woodstock just "hammering" by at speed which seemed to be 100mph !!!:):):)
I did find the "Tempo " cars ride rough though...
Thank you for sharing these timeless pictures Doug !!! :):):)

Date: 03/31/20 12:42
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: briancdn

I wasn't too keen on that paint job, but they did make a fine sight with the Tempo cars at speed. I never rode one of those cars; were they smooth riding?

Brian N.

Date: 04/01/20 16:32
Re: TEMPO Tuesday
Author: feclark

To me, the Tempo trains and units were one of the highlights of a couple of ralifan trips to Toronto in 1977 and 1978.

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