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Date: 05/13/20 06:05
The Dartmouth Train
Author: cn6218

407/408 were recently annulled due to the downturn in business caused by the pandemic, but Dartmouth has generally rated a dedicated train between there and Moncton over the years,  Back in 2004 that train pair was 308/307, which ran all the way through to Toronto, picking up or dropping off traffic from the CBNS at Truro along the way.  The eastbound would generally arrive overnight, but on June 6, 2614 was leading 308 as they arrived in Dartmouth Yard with the usual autoracks and other "junk" at 07:15.

By 08:59 the new crew had the westbound train all together, brake tested, and was heading towards Windsor Jct. at mile 10 of the Dartmouth Sub.

Currently, Dartmouth traffic travels east to Halifax on 120, and is either dropped at Kinsac or goes all the way through to Rockingham and is then picked up by a transfer job.


Date: 05/16/20 23:17
Re: The Dartmouth Train
Author: feclark

Love the second shot: S-curve, and a neat perspective of the bridge.

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