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Canadian Railroads > An EMCC Leader on 120

Date: 06/19/20 05:48
An EMCC Leader on 120
Author: cn6218

With the influx of AC GEs in the past 7 years, it's getting rarer to find a GMD (or EMC) diesel leading, or even in the consist, of CN road trains in the Maritimes.  Even the gypsum unit trains, which used to reliably have pairs of SD75Is powering them, have more recently had Dash-9s or even ES44ACs for power.

That wasn't the case on May 14, when 120 had an all-DC power set that included two 10-years old SD70M-2s, with one of them even leading.  Judging by the small CN noodle on the nose of 8879, it has been repainted at some point in the last 10 years, but other than that, it looked fine on the point of 120 at Folly Lake East, crossing the Debert River, and then at Shubenacadie, about 40 miles from Halifax.  The four diesels were 8879, 2231, 8942 and 2684.


Date: 06/20/20 14:08
Re: An EMCC Leader on 120
Author: feclark

All three shots are lovely!

Date: 06/23/20 16:39
Re: An EMCC Leader on 120
Author: ns1000

Nice pics!!

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