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Date: 10/14/20 07:44
3 Trains in 59 Minutes
Author: cn6218

That may not seem like a lot to some of you, but it's a rare enough occurrence in Nova Scotia that I made an effort to shoot them despite the dreary weather.  Fortunately the fall foliage diminished the dreary factor slightly.

October 8 was shaping up as a bit of a traffic jam for the RTC.  511 was already on its way back from the mine in Milford with a loaded train, 407 wanted to get out of Dartmouth to Windsor Jct. and west, and 120 was already east of Truro and heading towards Windsor Jct.  For a while it looked both meets would happen at Sandy Cove, mile 27 of the Bedford Sub, but 511 continued east, and I got the first shot near Laurie Park, MP 24 at 11:06, before they continued to Kinsac (mile 20) and tucked into the siding there.

Next up was 120, passing the west end of Sandy Cove, at 11:27.  Kinsac doesn't have very convenient road access from where I was, but I could hear the crews give each other a roll-by, and once 120 was past Windsor Jct. (mile 15.6), 407 got a light to come off the Dartmouth Sub and proceed west on the Bedford.

407 is shown near mile 24 in the final shot at 12:05, after passing 511, still in the siding at Kinsac.  407 was about 50 feet too long to fit in Sandy Cove, so they wound up waiting almost an hour at the junction for 120 to clear. The siding at Alton could have handled them, but there wasn't quite enough time for them to get there without delaying 120.


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