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Canadian Railroads > Same Place, Same Trains plus 24 Hours.

Date: 01/02/21 21:14
Same Place, Same Trains plus 24 Hours.
Author: moonliter

Because this year I did not make my normal Holiday Season jaunt, I chose to photograph the trains instead and posted them three early yesterday morning.  What a surprise when I awoke the next morning 4 to 5 inches of snow.  This will brighten up VIA Fallowfield I thought.  So last night I returned to Fallowfield 24 hours later to shoot VIA No.59 and No.46 again.  In years past it was easy to setup camera & tripod prior to train arrival because you knew the train would be at least 6 plus cars, so the engine would stop roughly here.  This season with short consist the engine does not get much past the station.  This presents another problem, cars.  Now I'm not blaming them for being there as the are picking up or dropping off their loved ones but it does mean waiting for them to leave in order to get a clean shot of the train.

Last night there was another slight problem, the engineer of No.59 did not dim his headlight when passing thought the station.  There was too much glare at the spot where I hope to have shot him so I moved to where get more of a broad side shot.  Next I had to wait for two vehicles to depart before pressed the shutter release.  About halfway through my 15 second exposure on came the ditch lights and the high setting on the headlight.  I did not get another chance a second shot as No.59 had started to move.

An hour or so wait for No.46 arrived, I had time to set up on a 10 foot high snow bank.  Although the east side of the station has more car and taxi traffic the elevation help minimized vehicles blocking the view of the train.  Here the train unloads and goes, there is no loading of passengers from here to Ottawa station so you have to take your shots quickly.

Photo 1:  Last night's power was a single P42, tonight a pair of F40s have the honour of hauling No.59 to Toronto.  VIA Fallowfield (Ottawa, ON) January 2, 2021.

Photo 2: Different power but same consist as last night.   VIA No.46  has one VIA Business Class car (LRC) and 4 Budd  coaches,  two of which have been recently refurbished.   VIA Fallowfield (Ottawa, ON) January 2, 2021.

Gerry Gaugl
Ottawa ON


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Date: 01/03/21 12:11
Re: Same Place, Same Trains plus 24 Hours.
Author: briancdn

Very nice night shots!
Brian N.

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