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Date: 02/13/21 20:51
The 1955 CP's Canadian

Where the Chateau sleeping cars used primarily in the Montreal to Vancouver service?  Was the lettering inside the Chateau cars bilingual? 
Last quesiton--did the dining cars and their crews changed out at Winnipeg?  It seems like a long haul to those crews to operate from Toronto/Monteal terminals to Vancouver and back.

Date: 02/13/21 23:00
Re: The 1955 CP's Canadian
Author: zartok-35

Both Chateaus and Manors ran to Montreal on fairly even proportions, as well as to Toronto. I did talk to a porter who said he worked Winnipeg to Vancouver, but his tenure was in the mid 1960s.

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Date: 02/14/21 04:21
Re: The 1955 CP's Canadian
Author: DrawingroomA

There were 26 Chateau sleepers and 42 Manor sleepers. As indicated above, both types were used on the Montreal-Vancouver and Toronto-Vancouver portions of the train.It was only when the off-peak consists were reduced in the early 1970s that the usual single sleeper to and from Toronto was a Chateau and a Manor to and from Montreal.

Winnipeg was, as it is today, the crew change point. I was told by the crew that on the eastern portion the crew were based in Toronto and Montreal and on the western portion they were based in both Winnipeg and Vancouver.

The CPR did not have bilingual lettering inside the sleepers. The plaque indicating the history of the person for whom the sleeper was named was in English only until VIA took over.

Date: 02/14/21 05:11
Re: The 1955 CP's Canadian
Author: moonliter

Just to add to Zartok-35 and DrawingroomA's answers on sleeping car accommodations on The Canadian, there were also the U-Class Tourist cars (until 1966) at the head-end of the train as well as the Park at the tail-end.

Gerry Gaugl
Ottawa ON

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