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Date: 02/14/21 18:29
Surprise on VIA #64
Author: Ray_Murphy

Ville St-Pierre/Montreal today: it's nearly 5 PM, the sun is setting and I'm waiting in an almost balmy -7 deg C (with little wind) for #64 to arrive. A long train of grain empties is heading West.

#64 arrives. It is bracketed by P42DCs 920 and 917, and has 5 LRC cars. But what's that on the end? Looks like two Budd coaches probably deadheading to Montreal for service, the first time I've ever seen anything tacked on the end of #64 like this.


Date: 02/14/21 19:41
Re: Surprise on VIA #64
Author: gaspeamtrak

Hi Ray. The first coach #4112 and looked like it been refurbished , the second coach looks like it is from the ones used on the "Canadian" and was going for a overhaul...couldn't make the number out...

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