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Date: 04/04/21 05:05
16 years ago
Author: hoggerdoug

04/04/2005 another "meet and greet turn" from Williams Lake BC to Koster on the BC Rail Lillooet sub. From the images we had two units leading and two units mid-train Mu'd DPUs.  
First image of 4648 at Exeter, I had a few minutes for photos while waiting for the Conductor to walk up after making a pickup.
Second & third images, the third image is after we did a crew swap and power swap and down to 6 units, 3 idling. We had stopped well back from the north switch at Koster as we were going to do some power shuffle with the northbound train we were meeting there. If I recall, the north train had seven units on the head end, of which 4 were idling. The original plan was to give one unit to the head end of the southbound train. Well that plan changed and after a lot of fiddling around, air pumping, brake testing, a third unit was given to the mid-train DPU consist of the southbound train. It took awhile as all well thought out plans do. There is a famous saying "every problem has a solution, and every solution has a problem"...

Have a nice day, eh !!!


Date: 04/04/21 13:14
Re: 16 years ago
Author: feclark

The second shot is a real grabber!

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