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Date: 01/07/22 09:00
Export Locomotives in Halifax
Author: cn6218

When locomotives were still being manufactured in Canada, it wasn't all that unusual for shipments of brand new shiny exports to pass through the Port of Halifax.  But there have been a few "previously enjoyed" and/or rebuilt examples loaded on ships too.  One significant group was some former CN GMD-1s which made their way to Cuba (by way of a French broker) in late 1999.  1133 and 1123 had received new paint, but most were still in CN paint with the logos removed,  The 1100-series had been re-trucked from A1A -A1A to B-B in the 1980s, but otherwise not rebuilt.  It appears that CN re-installed the A1A trucks before they were sold.

Only 1133 and 1123 had been in the clear when I first shot them at HOT on November 17th.  The lighting was difficult, and the shiny black trucks didn't show up very well at all, so I returned the next day, only to find the tarps which had come off in transit, more or less back in place. But the other ones still in CN paint were now in the clear next to the grain elevators. 

A small number of GMD-1s were rebuilt with 645 power assemblies and lost the spark arresters at that time.  They wound up in the 1400- (B-B trucks) and 1600-series (A1A).  I believe the last of the 1400s still in service on CN was retired just last year.



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Date: 01/07/22 11:09
Re: Export Locomotives in Halifax
Author: refarkas

Unique photos!

Date: 01/08/22 11:12
Re: Export Locomotives in Halifax
Author: spdaylight

Great post on some locomotives that have certainly exceeded their normal operating life span!


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