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Date: 05/01/22 04:42
Sunday Departure
Author: cn6218

Here's a Sunday departure of train 15 from Halifax, back on December 19, 2021.  The Ocean is currently only operating two days a week between Halifax and Montreal (Sunday and Wednesday), but rumours persist that a third day will be added soon.


Date: 05/01/22 05:07
Re: Sunday Departure
Author: DrawingroomA

The third weekly Ocean is no longer a rumour. It has been available for booking in Reservia for many weeks. VIA has finally updated the status section of their website to indicate the return of the third train as of June 3rd. Many of the Friday departures have been sold out in Renaissance sleepers. VIA is gradually adding at least one Chateau sleeper to the booking system.

It's a pity that VIA has not updated the status of the Canadian. It still says it is running only once a week. The second weekly train is on its way to Toronto. Reservia has been showing it for a long time and bookings were available.

VIA's IT staff need to be woken up from time to time. Until two weeks ago there was a notice about the Canadian saying it was only operating between Winnipeg and Vancouver and that passengers had to remain in their cabins except for two meals a day in the diner. (The full Toronto-Vancouver train re-started at the end of May last year.) I sent VIA a screenshot of that old notice. They thanked me and it was quickly corrected.

Date: 05/01/22 09:20
Re: Sunday Departure
Author: jp1822

It would be more effective if it was back to the six day a week schedule. VIA admitted that it carried more passengers and even had a lesser loss when operating six days a week. Now they don't have the equipment to do it - or they can't sacrifice the equipment to do it; unless money is spent to put more Renaissance sleepers back in service. But since that fleet is corroding and VIA needs to replace it, wouldn't be well money spent. Maritime Conundrum. Sad to know what used to be, and now what is in the Maritimes.......

Date: 05/03/22 13:56
Re: Sunday Departure
Author: ns1000

Nice pic!!

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