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Canadian Railroads > Another Grubby GP38-2

Date: 05/07/22 09:20
Another Grubby GP38-2
Author: cn6218

GP38-2 4703 and GP40-2L 9591 were working the HIT as train 517 on April 25.  4703 is another one of those Geeps that hasn't seen fresh paint in a very long time, even if 9591 is looking pretty sharp.

In the background is the recently rebuilt Pier 9 on Halifax Harbour.  Two new tracks were added up the middle, and some large pieces of pipe were being loaded on bulkhead flats, after being unloaded from a RoRo ship at the nearby Ceres Container pier.  Across the harbour is the iconic Tufts Cove power plant in Dartmouth, originally powered with coal delivered by CN, but it now burns Bunker C and natural gas.


Date: 05/08/22 13:39
Re: Another Grubby GP38-2
Author: ns1000

Nice pic!!

Date: 05/08/22 22:27
Re: Another Grubby GP38-2
Author: feclark

At least the colours are still recognizable, and the primer isn't dominant. Nothing you can't model with Grimy Black.

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