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Date: 06/10/22 07:43
Another Extra for Chicago
Author: cn6218

Last Friday CN ran yet another extra intermodal train, Q123, out of Halifax with export boxes for Chicago.  The crew was on duty at 09:00, and was ready to roll as soon as Z120 cleared Millview (the entrance to Rockingham Yard) just after 11:00 that morning.  The two DC units struggled up the hill fom Bedford with about 9000 tons of train, but started to get a roll on by the time they got to the Bedford Quarry here.  The crew had a direct shot to Moncton, where they wye'd the power so that 5779 was leading.  Trains heading into the US need to be PTC equipped, and not all locomotives in the fleet have had the equipment added.  Apparently none of the ex-CREX GEs can lead in the US for this reason (at least not on lines that require PTC).

It was a fairly busy afternoon.  The first Friday departure of the Ocean (in over two years) also happened about 2 hours later


Date: 06/10/22 18:20
Re: Another Extra for Chicago
Author: KD

There could be other reasons as well. You would think everything would be compatible.
But WHO knows why

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