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Canadian Railroads > South Thompson River - Kamloops BC

Date: 06/14/22 09:57
South Thompson River - Kamloops BC
Author: Train611


I realize there have been many weather challenges seemingly everywhere over the last couple of months.
In Kamloops BC we have the South Thompson and North Thompson Rivers come together.
On June 14, 2022 the first two images show the South Thompson River with the CN Yard transfer on the bridge on the Okanagan Connector track.
This track is used primarily to move trains from CN tracks to CP tracks.
The third image shows the river height in May of 2022.
Rain and mountain snow melt create the high waters at this time of year.
Hopefully no serious damage in the future.

Thanks for looking.


Date: 06/15/22 03:32
Re: South Thompson River - Kamloops BC
Author: exrtc

Fifty years ago, June 1972, recommended high school students were required to go sandbagging along the South Thompson River or write government exams.  The house I worked on was on Thompson Drive, just across from the CPR tracks.  Our dike held, but the neighbour's was breached and the water came around behind and flooded us out!

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