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Canadian Railroads > Armdale, NS - 25 Years Ago

Date: 09/07/22 07:05
Armdale, NS - 25 Years Ago
Author: cn6218

Five years earlier than this scene, 20 Years Ago in Halifax (trainorders.com), Armdale looked looked much like it had for the previous 25 years.  The double-track main line was still in place, although the north track had been lowered to increase the clearance under the concrete arch bridge in the background.  There was no fence in impede the view, and the light was quite agreeable for any morning eastbound trains that might come along.

The date was July 5, 1997, and this train is 406 (a number later used for the Moncton-Saint John, NB turn). They have a VIA coach that had been set out at Alton siding the day before by the Ocean.  The coach was going to VIA's maintenance center downtown, while the empty well cars were headed for Halterm, also in the south end of Halifax.


Date: 09/07/22 09:29
Re: Armdale, NS - 25 Years Ago
Author: refarkas

Interesting catch - First-rate photo.

Date: 09/11/22 16:52
Re: Armdale, NS - 25 Years Ago
Author: ns1000

Nice pic!!

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