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Date: 03/11/23 13:59
Author: cn6218

When I worked in town, it was quite common to be able to get out for a late lunch and catch the Ocean's departure from Halifax at 13:00 each day.  With a move of work location, and then the suspension of the train due to COVID, those shots have become much less frequent.  However I found myself close to Halifax Ocean Terminals (HOT) back on December 2, 2022 just before train time, and decided to give it a look.  As a bonus (or so I thought), a transfer from Rockingham, pulled by 3248 and 3833 was arriving on the south track, which VIA usually departs on.  I was hoping the Ocean would leave on the next closer track, but for some reason that didn't happen, and they took the old westbound main, the north track, instead, making for a rather tight picture.

Although the piers at HOT are all fenced off, there is a public road, Marginal Rd., which goes through the area, and the Young  Ave. viaduct which I was standing on usually has a good view and easy parking. 


Date: 03/19/23 19:56
Re: Screened!
Author: feclark

I think you created a wonderful, outside-the-box photo that tells more of a story than the 'usual' open 3/4.

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