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Date: 05/16/23 18:58
Railfanning Edmonton
Author: steveandrews

Hi all,

I will be in Edmonton, AB at the beginning of June for 4 days. Can anyone suggest good Railfanning places?

Many thanks, Steve

Steve Andrews
Ames, IA

Date: 05/17/23 09:41
Re: Railfanning Edmonton
Author: fredstoltz

A good place is just east of CN Cloverbar Yard.  Good spot. Fred

Date: 05/17/23 12:16
Re: Railfanning Edmonton
Author: LKeithR

We had a daughter who lived in Edmonton for about 12 years so for a while I got to spend quite a bit of time
there.  Last time I tried railfanning the east end of Clover Bar I got hassled pretty good by CN employees.  They
tried to tell me that I couldn't park anywhere along the road (17th Street Northeast).  I'm sure I could have stood
my ground but I had my wife with me and didn't need any hassles.

Our daughter lived in Gold Bar so it was easy to get to the west end of Clover Bar.  A quick run east on Baseline
Road and north on 17th Street Northwest to Hayter Road puts you in the middle of a lot of train activity.  Lots of
safe places to park as well.

If you're going to be on the other end of town I don't have so much help.  Clover Bar was so close and so good
that I seldom ventured too far from it.  There are lots of places where you can get to the tracks though.  With a
good map and some patience you can find lots of activity.  Edmonton is a great place to railfan...

Keith Robertson
Langley, BC

Date: 05/17/23 17:05
Re: Railfanning Edmonton
Author: NiagaraMike

I second Clover Bar as a great place.
Parking is a bit tricky but after several visits never had a police issue!
Light is good on the east side most of the day!
Here is one shot.

Date: 05/18/23 13:08
Re: Railfanning Edmonton
Author: steveandrews

Thanks everyone for the great info


Steve Andrews
Ames, IA

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