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Date: 01/06/19 20:47
Need some information on this locomotive
Author: srman

I live in the states and totally unfamiliar with European locomotives. In LaGrange Kentucky a local group has painted this locomotive as the Flying Duchess. I only assume that it is from Great Britain. It sits along the CSX main between Louisville Ky. and Cincinnati Ohio. Just curious as to where it ran and when it was built. Thank you.

Date: 01/07/19 07:00
Re: Need some information on this locomotive
Author: boejoe

Very interesting.  Can't offer info but you might cross post to Eastern Railroads discussion board in event some local T.O. members might have background.

Date: 01/07/19 07:44
Re: Need some information on this locomotive
Author: 86235

It looks not unlike a Hudswell Clarke 17" outside cylinder 0-6-0T, a type built in large numbers for industrial use. But how much is genuine and how much is a cosmetic restoration is difficult to tell.


Date: 01/07/19 12:03
RSH 7745/1952
Author: Milepost_130

The following insights were today received from James Waite (UK):
"According to the Industrial Railway Society's "British Industrial Locomotives" 1969 edition RSH 7745/1952 was one of two similar locos then running at Meaford power station near Stone in Staffordshire as "MEA no 2".  It was built at their Newcastle works which was the successor to Hawthorn Leslie.  It had disappeared by the time the IRS published their 1976 list (the next edition which I have) so had perhaps moved to the US by then."

Date: 01/09/19 05:42
Re: RSH 7745/1952
Author: Hartington

Scroll therough the pictures ohio valley railroad historical society they have online and there's one of the loco in much less colourful condition.   If you really want to know more that website has a contact us at the top of the page.

Date: 01/09/19 09:32
Re: Need some information on this locomotive
Author: CPRR

Came from the Boyne Valley Railroad:


More info:Save the Duchess The "Flying Duchess" has landed in La Grange, KY as part of the nascent LaGrange Railroad Museum. The 0-6-0T "Duchess" was built in North East England in 1951 by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd. as their number 7745. The large tank engine became Meaford #2 at the Meaford Power Station at Barlastone near Stone...part of the British Electric Authority. In the 1970's, Meaford #2 was shipped to the Boyne City Railroad in Grand Falls, MI along with 3 coaches and worked pulling excursions there. I have seen photos of the "Duchess" at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in 2000. The "Duchess" arrived in La Grange in August of 2011, with a caboose and heavyweight coach also slated to become part of the Museum display. 

When it was sold to the group in Kentucky, I can not answer. 

Date: 01/11/19 19:47
Re: Need some information on this locomotive
Author: srman

Thanks to all for the information on this locomotive.

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