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Date: 02/02/19 09:40
Steam In Regular Service-Snow shots
Author: gregscholl

German steam in March 1975 at Lathen, West Germany.
(1) Woke up in the morning, and my traveling buddy Peter said..."Greg It Snowed!"  And we heard something coming.  In our underwear we grabbed cameras and this was the view from our window, of a northbound passing our Hotel Bruns with an empty ore train headed for Emden from Rheine(Rhine-AH).  Probably a 043 2-10-0 leading.  These were 3-cylinder oil burners.
(2) On a different day I walked north of the hotel and got this northbound passenger train headed from Rheine to Nordeich Mole late in the afternoon, early evening.  One of the 012 4-6-2's was leading.  These were 3-cylinder oil-fired engines, which were the fastest in West Germany and were less than two months from being withdrawn.  The snow was sticking to the front number plate on the smokebox and buffers which were not affected by the heat from the boiler.
(3) Another closer shot of the same engine storming away from town.  What a memory that was to close out my day of photographing German steam.
Greg Scholl


Date: 02/02/19 17:24
Re: Steam In Regular Service-Snow shots
Author: Krokodil


thanks for bringing back memories of Lathen and the Bruns Gasthof. In the trackside rooms, you could feel the trains go by. Glad that you had some sunshine, this region of Germany is known for its very sky. And yes its a BR43 three cylinder decapod.

Thomas Eckhardt
Hurricane UT

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