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Date: 05/22/19 21:16
Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: dwatry

The rain in Romania falls mainly on the trains.  Or at least it did for me on 4/30/19 during a drive around northwestern Romania from Oradea to Timisoara.  Given the rain and condition of the roads, I probably should have planned a less ambitious day, but who could have predicted a 2 & 1/2 hour backup due to a gigantic truck crash?  Romania seems to have a bewildering variety of open access operators - so please forgive me if I misidentify.  Caile Ferate Romane (CFR) is the successor railroad to the old national SNCFR system, and still provides the majority of the services.

1) CFR Class 64 at Osorhei on train #1834 from Oradea to Cluj Napoca. 
2) Similar consist on train #144 Cluj-Oradea train - continues on to Budapest.
3) CFR Class 96 Siemens Desiro DMU at Osorhei on a local.

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Date: 05/22/19 21:25
Re: Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: dwatry

4)  One more at Osorhei - a TFC (Transferoviar Calatori) Class 78-32 DMU, which was purchased secondhand from NS (Nederland Spoorweg).
5)  Freight at Ciucea - a GFR (Grupo Feroviar Roman) Class 40 on an oil train splitting German-style semaphore signals.  These locomotives were purchased secondhand variously from China and Poland. 
6)  Same train - going away with UK style semaphores ahead. 

Date: 05/22/19 21:32
Re: Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: dwatry

7)  At Alba Iulia - a couple of freights waiting to leave the yard.  Train on left is a Unifertrans Class 43.  Train on right is MMVRO - could not identify this operator.
8)  Near Sibot - by now the rain is really coming down, but the field of yellow rapeseed makes a good foreground!  DB Schenker Class 480 heading toward Brasov.  BTW this section of mainline has been rebuilt to look like a "super railroad" (concrete ties, welded rail, modern OCS), but trains seem to still operate 25mph like in most of the rest of Romania.  For this shot it was raining so hard I shot from inside the car with the window rolled down!

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Date: 05/23/19 19:06
Re: Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: GettingShort

Foarte frumos eu sunt foarte gelos...

Date: 05/23/19 22:14
Re: Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: dwatry


Date: 05/24/19 00:00
Re: Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: dan

is thAt signal blue?

Date: 05/24/19 10:18
Re: Rainy Romanian Trains
Author: dwatry

Yes - I believe a blue aspect is a shunting signal.  I think Hungary has them also. 

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