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Date: 05/28/19 17:56
Dublin, Ireland freight operations
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Good morning.

I thought I would be back to London, but my next destination will be Dublin.  Our hotel is well located in Shelbourne, so right in the city center.  From what I can gather on a brief search, it looks like there are some freight operations not too far from there to the Alexandra Road ore terminal and the North Wall intermodal service.  Searching Railpictures.net those services seem to be on pretty specific schedules.  It looks like there may be an empty westbound ore train out of Alexandra Road around 1400?  If anyone knows times on the North Wall trains those would be appreciated, as well.  

Provided this is good info, any tips on photographing the trains would be appreciated.  From what I can tell looking on Google, the road bridge at East Road/Church Road looks to be a fine spot.

The photos I have found seem to indicate an eastbound ore train departure from Tara Mine at 0900 and the empties coming back out of Alexandra Road at 1400.  If there are other departures, I would be happy to hear about those.  I think in reality, I will only have from about midday to 1700 or so available for railfanning.  Any info on what freight operations may be expected in that time frame is appreciated.  Also, if there are any days of the week these trains do not operate, that info would be helpful.  I have two Dublin trips, and among them, weekdays and weekend days available for fanning.

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Date: 05/29/19 03:49
Re: Dublin, Ireland freight operations
Author: 86235

See here



If you do get to Alexandra Road beware Dublin Port security staff, they can be officious. The police (Garda Siochana) , who man a checkpoint near the end of Alexandra Road are fine, it's a public road.

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Date: 06/07/19 15:22
Re: Dublin, Ireland freight operations
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Great posts, and thanks for the links (and saving your breath).  Sorry it took a few days to get back, as I've been away from the computer.

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