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European Railroad Discussion > Germany and the Rhine questions.

Date: 05/30/19 18:12
Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: Mautner

Might be doing a river trip on the Rhine river in Germany.Very interested in photographing freight trains as well as passange trains.Any decent towns along the Rhine with a busy rail line running thru it? I would pefer smaller towns versus big cities.Thanks Mike Mautner

Mike Mautner
Maryland Hts., MO

Date: 05/30/19 18:22
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: train1275

I would recommend Koblenz. Plenty of boat traffic on the river and rail lines on both sides.

You can take and buy a ticket on one of the tour boats that cruise the river and get on and off at whatever towns suit your fancy while in the meantime shooting whatver goes by on each bank. Plenty of freight and passenger trains and wonderful scenery. Good eats too !!

Date: 05/30/19 18:26
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: train1275

1. Rail action around Koblenz

2. Cruise boat shuttle that stops at different towns

3. Good eats and beer and wine available

Date: 05/30/19 18:32
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: train1275

St. Goar on the Rhine

Date: 05/30/19 18:39
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: train1275

A couple more examples of what is to be seen and experienced from Koblenz south. Very low key and relaxing with plenty of trains and boats to see. The Rhine is a very busy river.

Date: 05/30/19 21:01
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: tq-07fan

We rode an Intercity from Frankfort to Wuppertal and it stayed near or right next to the west shore of the Rhine from Bingen to Bonn. This line was really busy with passenger and some freight. There is also a line on the east side of the river that didn't seam anywhere near as busy. Of course there is a lot of boat traffic, both freight and passenger. Beautiful hills come up on both sides of the river, it reminds me of the N & W and the C & O running on either side of the Ohio River. The ride was one of the most scenic train rides I have taken anywhere. the Rhine, at least in the area we were in is cant lose. 

These are all from 25 April 2016
1) EMU on the east side of the Rhine east of Kaub.
2) Pfanlzgafenstein Castle, on an island in the middle of the Rhine.
3) Boat with Sankt-Goar Oberwessel to the right and railway tunnels on the left.


Date: 05/31/19 01:27
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: kbs651

Hello Mike,

will you also get off the boat? Will you have a little more than a little time available?
Rüdesheim is a place to start for taking pictures, just opposite the railway station. Road traffic will be stopped, since the gates close for the trains.
So it is fairly safe to wait for a train. At the eastern end of town you may get the jettys where the boats land into the picture.
This is good well into the afternoon. The line via Rüdesheim is basically freight.
Bingen on the opposite side of the Rhine is also a stop for long distance trains. At the western end of the yard an old tower is still standing. It is
a few minutes walk from the station. Best time is in the morning. I do not know about bushes or small trees which may have gotten into the way.
It has been a while I went there. The line also sees some freight.
One of my favorites is Oberwesel. In the early morning it is possible to shoot trains heading south through the station. You will get a church with a
rather tall spire into the picture, too. In the afternoon the old city wall makes for decent vantage points. If you walk a little bit further to the northern
end of town, not that far of a walk, you get a few of the towers of the city wall into the picture. Recently the brush which made this shot close to
impossible was cleared out. Depending on the time of year you visit you can also take a hike into the vineyards still a little further. You have to go
looking for spots though. Late summer may just be too late for taking pictures here. Another not too bad of a place in the afternoon is
Niederheimbach. You have to have an eye on the catenary when taking pictures. The road traffic is a little annoying. But it is a safe spot.
Headway of local trains is one hour, or sometimes better. There are a few ferries which cross over from one side to the other. So you may head
out one way and come back the other. All spots are accessible without having a car.
Remember, you are always on the wrong side of the river when you wait for a train.
If you are looking for some further advice please let me know.




Date: 06/01/19 06:38
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: 55002

Hi, if you get chance to stop off anywhere, Kaub is a good spot, with  aferry across the Rhine as well. Plenty of rail action on both banks of the Rhine.  chris UK.

Date: 06/03/19 15:01
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: Pullman

Oberwesel gets my vote as well.

Enjoy a stay at Schloss Schoenburg.  https://www.hotel-schoenburg.com/en/

Wonderful view above the Rhine with train traffic on both sides of the river and barge traffic on the river as well.

If it's available, I suggest suite 13 with it's terrace. Roll them by while enjoying the complimentary sherry.


Date: 06/05/19 21:42
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: Alco251

I'm there right now (Eltville am Rhein) attending a friend's anniversary party. Yesterday we took a quick day cruise and I was able to stumble onto some pretty good pictures. Would love to return to this region simply to shoot trains. These are shots around Rudesheim. The railroad (and barge) action is amazing...

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Date: 07/28/19 07:35
Re: Germany and the Rhine questions.
Author: egonzinc

Great shots! Thanks for sharing. That area is magical. Hope to meke it there next June.

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