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Date: 12/29/19 17:52
SNCF 1991, Part 1, Strasbourg
Author: thebluecomet

Co-incident to Jody Moore's post from 12/28 I was working on posting a large group of European images from a trip there in 1991.  I thought the negatives (print film) had long been lost, but luckily they turned up in an envelope I almost threw away. This will be the first of a series of postings of images taken in France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria during my three week visit.

I am not knowledgeable at all as to the class types of locomotives or cars, so I will keep all captions to a minimum.  Comments are certainly welcome.  Enjoy.

Strasbourg, France, June 1991.


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Date: 12/29/19 17:57
Re: SNCF 1991, Part 1, Strasbourg
Author: thebluecomet

More from Strasbourg.  Walked from the hotel to get some breakfast and spent about an hour at the station.  Girlfriend (now my wife) had a pretty good idea what took so long.


Date: 12/29/19 18:08
Re: SNCF 1991, Part 1, Strasbourg
Author: F7sForever

Can’t wait to see them and contrast what we’ve seen three decades apart. Thanks for digging these out. Glad that they didn’t get tossed.

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Date: 01/05/20 11:26
Re: SNCF 1991, Part 1, Strasbourg
Author: cricketer8for9

Lovely seeing the Grand Comfort liveried BB15000s. I did manage a trip from Paris to Strasbourg behind one in the early years of the century. I seem to recall 16 26 metre coaches made up the formation. I was even in a side corridor compartment.

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Date: 01/10/20 19:14
Re: SNCF 1991, Part 1, Strasbourg
Author: egonzinc

Great posts! Time capsule material!

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