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Date: 03/22/20 21:34
Slovakia Part 2
Author: dwatry

Third day of the road trip was from Zilina to Poprad, which is in the Tatra Mountains.  The electrification breaks at Zilina, with 25kv AC west of Zilina and 3kv DC east of Zilina, so some locomotives without dual voltage capability are segregated to one section or the other.

1)  Couldn't resist this location but with a different train than 86235 posted!  This is Strecno, with a very scenic and prominent castle as a backdrop.  This eastbound train has a CD (Czech) Class 150 on the point.
2)  Due to trackwork, all trains were on the normal eastbound main at Strecno.  Here's a Regio Jet Class 162 on a Prague train
3)  Class 754 at Strecno.

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Date: 03/22/20 21:38
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: dwatry

4)  Looping back through Zilina I managed to catch one of the new articulated trolleycoaches on the Zilina system.  These are Skoda 31Tr class I believe.
5)  Set of eastbound Class 813 DMUs at Vrutky.
6)  Eastbound at Vrutky with a Class 754.

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Date: 03/22/20 21:41
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: dwatry

7)  Class 183 at Vrutky on eastbound freight.
8)  Class 163 at Krpelany on eastbound local train.
9)  Double-headed Class 131s on westbound with 86235 looking on.

Date: 03/22/20 21:43
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: dwatry

10)  Class 131s on westbound at Podturen.
11)  Local teenagers saying goodbye in Liptovsky Hradok.
12)  Class 131s on eastbound at Liptovsky Hradok.

Date: 03/22/20 21:53
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: dwatry

13)  Outside Vazec there is a graveyard for German soldiers - most of whom are unknown and are buried in mass graves.  Looks like most died in Jan/Feb 1945, as the Soviet Army swept through Slovakia moving west in early 1945 toward Bratislava and Vienna.
14)  Station at Svit - one of the odder architectural gems on the Slovakian system.
15)  Station signs at Svit.

Date: 03/23/20 06:31
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: GPutz

Thanks for the tour.  Gerry

Date: 03/23/20 11:23
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: boejoe

Nice pics.  I enjoy train photos:  of places I have not visited and, even more so, places I have been so I can relate and say "I recognize that!"

Date: 03/23/20 11:49
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: gaspeamtrak

Wow !
That was really interesting !!! I I will never get over there in my lifetime but thank you for sharing...:):):)

Date: 03/23/20 11:58
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: 86235

Thanks Duncan, a great reminder of a very enjoyable few days.

Date: 03/23/20 13:15
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: march_hare

I had no idea Slovakia was that hilly.  Great looking scenery, cool looking trains.

And I even have the time and the $$ to go there, but for the virus thing that keeps me locked in the car at grade crossings close to home.

Thanks for posting!

Date: 03/23/20 13:31
Re: Slovakia Part 2
Author: colehour

Thanks for all the photos. My grandparents emigrated from Slovakia in the early 20th century from a village in the Tatra Mountains. One of these days I want to visit there since I believe we still have relatives there. 

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