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European Railroad Discussion > Poland, part 9. Steam shuffling in Leszno

Date: 06/18/20 11:13
Poland, part 9. Steam shuffling in Leszno
Author: gobbl3gook

Train Os 77494 arrived in Leszno on time, doing a couple kilometers of mainline running before arriving at the station.  

Then the crew wasted no time in doing a whole series of moves -- 
1) Backing out of the arrival track
2) Pulling into a departure track
3) Uncoupling the engine and running to the south end of the yard
4) Running to the north end of the yard on a side track
5) Coming back south and coupling up to the coaches again, ready for a backwards-facing run back to Wolsztyn.  

This only took a couple minutes.  

1) At the arrival track
2) Changing the signs to Leszno - Wolsztyn
3) Running around the train

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Date: 06/18/20 11:21
Re: Poland, part 9. Steam shuffling in Lezsno
Author: gobbl3gook

Meanwhile, I heard a whistle from the north, and a plume of steam appeared on the north horizon.  

It was locomotive 69, pulling 5 antique coaches.  

Some coaches had external running boards, and all were boarded from the sides, rather than the ends.  

Turns out this was a special train that would be roaming the entire Polish Rail system, in commemoration of the modern Polish State's Centennial.  It would be giving high school kids rides, and proving narratives on the origin of the modern Polish State at the end of WWI, and what it means to them today.  

This train was also turning in Leszno, and I think it was on a 2-day excursion -- up to Poznan and other places, and would return to Wolsztyn the following night.  

( don't think I had the presence of mind to take Poger Puta-style detail shots of the appliances and other features of the antique cars...  I was focusing, though, on trying to enjoy the ambiance of the scene, rather than to try to record everything.) 

4) Arriving at the station
5) Rear car
6) Putting up flags?  

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Date: 06/18/20 11:48
Re: Poland, part 9. Steam shuffling in Lezsno
Author: gobbl3gook

7) My train, pulling into the Departure Track.  
8) Two trains at the station, after arrival of special train
9) After 59 has run around its train, and is coupling back up for the run north to Poznan.  

Photos taken Oct 2019

Questions, comments, observations?  

Ted in UT

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