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European Railroad Discussion > Let's share our maps of railway lines travelled!

Date: 07/30/20 02:42
Let's share our maps of railway lines travelled!
Author: pennengineer

As I'm sure is also the case with some of you out there, I like to keep track of the railway lines I've travelled on by marking them on a map. I do have a weakness for collecting as many lines as possible (according to Wikipedia this is called "line bashing"), although I tend to be somewhat passive about it, attempting to combine the use of new lines incidentally when planning trips, be they for business or pleasure.

I have two maps that I keep updated:
  • Europe (1st photo below), which also includes an inset for Asia (2nd photo below): Both of these show only main lines and more significant branch lines, with local lines excluded for clarity
  • Germany: This map includes every active line in Germany and the immediate vicinity (to be the subject of a future post)

The basis for both are the maps produced by Deutsche Bahn, which for some years now have featured Germany on the front side and Europe on the reverse.

I haven't bothered with a North American map thus far, but for the purposes of completeness I suppose I'll make one at some point.

As you can see, I haven't ventured west of Germany very much, nor have I explored Italy south of Rome -- both regions very much on my to-do list. But I have taken a number of longer journeys -- primarly eastward -- photos from which I intend to post here at some point. The pandemic lets one get to tasks that have long been put off!

So, does anyone else have a map that they would care to share?

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Date: 07/30/20 02:51
Re: Let's share our maps of railway lines travelled!
Author: andersonb109

Great idea. I have maps of all my rail travels including:  Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, southern Africa, Cuba, North America, and China and U.K.. All do not fit into the  parameters of this European  forum but I think prudent to post here regardless since that's where this thread started. All the maps were formerly in my office. Some suffered smoke damage in an office fire in 2004 .Fortunately the collector pins were saved and refurbished with Windex or alcohol. Once I get the photos, I'll start to post.

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