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European Railroad Discussion > Serbia to get high-speed rail?

Date: 11/02/21 23:34
Serbia to get high-speed rail?
Author: wpamtk

I saw these billboards in a number of places around downtown Belgrade. I can't make anything out of the Cyrillic, but the speedometer graphic and reference to the "Russian Railways" suggest they are touting an improvement to Serbia's transportation infrastructure, to be helped along by their large neighbor. A local acquaintence says he's not counting on it.  

Date: 11/03/21 01:32
Re: Serbia to get high-speed rail?
Author: pennengineer

No, not high-speed by any means, but Russian Railways has already had the contract for a number of years to rebuild the main north-south line from the Hungarian border via Subotica and Novi Sad to Belgrade as well as the Belgrade - Bar Railway (at least the Serbian portion). China has an agreement with Serbia as part of its Belt and Rout initiative to build a new, separate high-speed line on the north-south axis, although it is unclear whether the originally announced speeds of 250 kph will acutally be realized.

Date: 11/03/21 18:13
Re: Serbia to get high-speed rail?
Author: Lackawanna484

The Belt and Road initiative is paying for railroads and highways in much of central and western Asia, too.  Faster and more expensive than conventional ship traffic, but less likely to be interdicted by a force hostile to China

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