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Date: 12/31/21 07:06
European Timetable now has a Web site
Author: mundo

Date: 12/31/21 07:43
Re: European Timetable now has a Web site
Author: Train29

Thanks. I just ordered mine.  Too bad  Amtrak can't or won't do the same. Far less trains to worry about than in Europe. And only one country. 

Date: 12/31/21 18:04
Re: European Timetable now has a Web site
Author: Lackawanna484

Thanks, mundo.  Also available through Amazon.

Date: 01/05/22 01:18
Re: European Timetable now has a Web site
Author: pennengineer

mundo Wrote:
> https://www.europeanrailtimetable.eu/editorial-32-
> w.asp?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=FRIDAY%20
> 31ST%20DECEMBER&utm_medium=email

They've had a website pretty much since their inception after the discontinuation of the Thomas Cook timetables back in, I believe, 2014. But it appears that the site has been revamped and now includes a running tally of all of the major service changes that were otherwise only published in the monthly timetables themselves or included in their (very worthwhile) email newsletter.

And Train29, while I agree with you, in fairness to Amtrak, the European Timetable is put out by an independent ogranization, as most railways in Europe have stopped printing their own timetables just like Amtrak has (many of them also no longer even provide PDFs). And European Timetable also has an annual issue that includes overseas timetables -- including those of Amtrak.

Date: 01/06/22 20:44
Re: European Timetable now has a Web site
Author: ironmtn

I have several of their timetables and other publications, and have in the past subscribed to the digital edition. All fine products. Once we can all travel again, I will get the print editions to plan travels, and yes as volumes to keep on my bookshelves, just  like the few old Cook's timetables that I have. The digital ticketing sites are okay, but just as with Amtrak, the process for planning any extensive multi-route travel is so, so much easier with a published standard format timetable. And I'll shut up now on that issue.....

Their weekly e-mail newsletter is worthwhile if you care to sign up. And if you are at all ever interested in some of their special maps (such as the older reprint maps of the German railway system), act quickly when they are offered. They sell out pretty fast. There are a couple of those maps that I regret missing by not acting promptly, and I have to hope that they will be reprinted.


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