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Date: 05/19/22 23:44
There goes 86235!
Author: dwatry

It's not often that you get set up for a photo of a train and then you find out someone you know is on that very train!  Well surprisingly, that happened to TO member 86235 and me at the tail end of our Czech Republic trip earlier this week!   We had parted ways at the Ostrava Hlavni Nadrazi (main station) on Monday morning, and 86235 was going to take a fast train (Euro City 116 - "Silesia") back to Prague for a flight to the UK while I would drive the rental car back to Prague on a slower schedule, arriving late after doing some railfanning.  Well it seems Ceske Drahy (CD) was having some track repair slowdowns and some real traction power issues, resulting in lots of delays to 86235's train, and so I somehow got ahead of the train he was on!  So near Pardubice I was set up on a hillside for some broadside shots with yellow rapeseed fields as background, and 86235 and I were texting, and he noted they were just about to pass my location!  He gave me the loco type and consists - and there it was!    If you look closely you can see him waving from the first class car (ha!).

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Date: 05/20/22 12:42
Re: There goes 86235!
Author: 86235

You know things aren't going well when your train, after coming to a halt, starts a back up move! The other occupant of my compartment gave me a 'what the hell' look which told me this wasn't normal behaviour.

We were one of five trains which fetched up at Usti nad Orlici for 80 minutes, not moving. With other delays we eventually arrived in Prague 140 minutes late at just after 4 p.m.

Unlike back home, once it became clear this wasn't a short delay, everyone got off the train and started wandering about the track, I joined them.

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