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European Railroad Discussion > Rail View from my Prague Hotel

Date: 06/02/22 19:23
Rail View from my Prague Hotel
Author: dwatry

If you are looking for a good railfan hotel in Prague, you can't do much better than Room 316 at Le Palais Hotel Art Prague, which is in the Vinohrady neighborhood and very accessible by several tram lines and a Metro line.  Here's a short video out of our hotel bedroom window with a CD and a tram view!  The CD train looks like a train from Bratislava in Slovakia, led by a CD Class 150 "Gorilla", as the trains from Zilina or Kosice in Slovakia come into Prague from the north side.    This view is looking generally southeast, and overlooks the CD mainline into Prague Hlavni Nadrazhi from Prague Vrsovice.   The mainline enters a set of tunnels just out of sight to the left and doesn't re-emerge until just before the Hlavni Nadrazhi.  The tram line visible on the right is for the 6 and 11 lines, and the car visible is one of the newer Skoda 15T sets. 

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Date: 06/05/22 00:58
Re: Rail View from my Prague Hotel
Author: eastpenn23

Nice view - I just left Prague a few days ago after visiting for the first time

Date: 06/05/22 13:56
Re: Rail View from my Prague Hotel
Author: boejoe

Good view.  I had to watch a second time to spot the tram.  Also, seems to be another station in the distance.

Date: 06/05/22 14:44
Re: Rail View from my Prague Hotel
Author: dwatry

Yes that other station is Prague Vrsovice. You can also see a few tracks in the foreground at the bottom of the frame, which is a line branching off to the southwest that goes across the river.

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Date: 06/06/22 10:10
Re: Rail View from my Prague Hotel
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice view!

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