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Date: 09/22/22 14:37
More from Poland
Author: engine3420

From my trip to Poland 2006

Date: 09/22/22 14:52
Re: More from Poland
Author: LTCerny

Good photos!  Thanks for sharing.

Date: 09/24/22 05:14
Re: More from Poland
Author: gbmott

Very nice.  I'm especially glad to see photos of Pt47-112 in service.  She was part of the Jaworzyna collection but out of service until being sent to Gniezno in 1993 for overhaul.  On October 15th of that year she was outshopped and made her first mainline test runs.  We only made it as far as Baranovo where she blew the packing from her right cylinder.  I saw her back in Jaworzyna later that winter, dead and not even in the roundhouse which made me concerned that there were problems.  I never did see her on an excursion so am glad to see your photos from later when she must have been assigned to Wolsztyn.  Anyone know her current status?

I'm surprised to see Ol49-111.  She was not on any of the preservation lists in 1993 so don't know where she came from (or where she's gone).


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Date: 09/24/22 11:03
Re: More from Poland
Author: Lackawanna484

Amazing that these units exist in 2022.

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Date: 09/24/22 12:40
Re: More from Poland
Author: HotWater

Lackawanna484 Wrote:
> Amazing that these units exist in 2022.


Date: 09/24/22 14:03
Re: More from Poland
Author: ironmtn

HotWater Wrote:
> Lackawanna484 Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Amazing that these units exist in 2022.
> "units"????????????

Only in the most abstracted sense.

Oh, do I regret that Covid forced me to cancel an extensive trip to Poland, which included a lot of steam, perhaps even these very engines. To an American eye, they are certainly interesting, even slightly exotic, locomotives. But it's not hard at all to put on the spectacles of Eastern European sensibility (which is my ethnic background, after all), and see how special they are. Even if they weren't running steam excursions on a reasonably regular basis, and with appropriate vintage stock. Much less pulling daily commuter trains. It's almost beyond extraordinary.

Thank you for these wonderful images. Fingers and toes all crossed for their future, and steam's future, in Poland.


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Date: 10/05/22 17:04
Re: More from Poland
Author: gobbl3gook

"Amazing that these units exist in 2022."

Photos are from 2006.  Though some are still running today -- go see them before they too are gone!  :^/

https://worldcams.tv/poland/wolsztyn/steam-train-depot - steamed up as of 5:00 Pacific Time, Wednesday Oct 5

I visited for three days in 2019 -- stayed at the building in the background in photo 1.  Well worth the trip!  


Ted in OR

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