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Railroaders' Nostalgia > "God only knows" . . .

Date: 09/29/22 11:17
"God only knows" . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

.   .   .   ran across this slide in one of the "Family" trays recently. The Beach Boys song "God only knows" came to mind as in APR '76, was making the rounds in the Los Angeles area and happened upon a Santa Fe open house at their Hobart Yard facility with the 5703 fixed up for visitors like me and my son sitting in the right hand seat. Now, seven years before, I had been turned down by Santa Fe, as well as Los Angeles Junction, for scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Little did I know, but God did, in two years, I would discover that curvature of the spine was deemed "discriminatory" because you may or may not ever have any trouble. In MAY '78, I was hired by Santa Fe and made my switchman/brakeman seniority date. I would go into engine service one year later, getting my fireman date, and in another year, would go into the engineer training program, eventually pass my engineer certification tests and check ride getting my engineer date. Later, it was very cool to sit in the same seat, maybe literally, and operate this same locomotive for pay, although not in the same paint. I have never had any back problems either. You just never know.

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Date: 09/29/22 11:33
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: Notch7

That is a great pic and story.  In the early 70's SCL and SOU would also kick applicants out for spine curvature.  I knew a few guys that beat the exam.  A teenage railfan buddy got turned down because of spine.  He went in train service on the original NS, and shortly thereafter became a protected SOU man when the SOU bought the NS.

Date: 09/29/22 11:54
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: RailThunder

It's always interesting when our passion is combined with the man upstairs.  There truly isn't anything that can stop his will.  Case in point.  I grew up with a significant hearing loss and like many of us wanted to work for a railroad.  I was told by distant family I could never work for a railroad because of it.  Well I did indeed and have been in the industry for nearly 28 years!   The old adage of what was meant for my harm turned to work for my good.   I've learned that the trials, tribulations, envy, and jealousy toward me have made me very tough and for a higher purpose.  


Date: 09/29/22 13:26
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: Trainhand

I remember having a back x-ray prior to being hired in 1973. Also the poster said he had a hearing loss, if you didn't have one, you would have after a few years.


Date: 09/29/22 15:47
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: Westbound

And... did your son grow up liking trains?

Date: 09/29/22 17:26
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

Unfortunately, no.

Date: 09/30/22 03:33
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: atsfer

Geat picture and story...thanks for sharing.

Date: 09/30/22 08:48
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: spider1319

Great story and picture.I like happy endings.Bill Webb

Date: 09/30/22 08:58
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: goneon66

i know i am grateful for the "Devine" blessings in my careers..........


Date: 10/03/22 08:33
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: Ritzville

Great narrative and picture!


Date: 10/07/22 21:42
Re: "God only knows" . . .
Author: Quakerengr

Excellent story and nice photo.  Amazing the miracles that roll through our lives.  A true Blessing to have been able to enjoy your career as a Rail. I enjoyed my time immensely, now looking in from the outside.


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