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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Baldwin, FLA

Date: 09/27/05 07:53
Baldwin, FLA
Author: dstill

I may ride over that way today, is this a good location?

Date: 09/27/05 08:01
Re: Baldwin, FLA
Author: mderrick

Absolutely! However, traffic may be off a bit with one of the key lines mostly out of service, and that would be the line to New Orleans. This gets a lot of UP runthrough traffic as a rule, and as a result, may be less foreign power than usual. CSX is running New Orleans traffic over alternate routes, including the M&B to Montgomery, so you may find traffic from Waycross to be heavier than usual.

Mike Derrick

Date: 09/27/05 11:35
Re: Baldwin, FLA
Author: SVTS

I was there last week, in town by the post office where the diamond is, but only because I knew a train was coming. A lot of the locals were giving me wierd looks, and I suspected if I remained there much longer, I would have unwelcomed company. I don't know where you live, but if it were me, I would rather be up in Folkston.

A southbound goes through Baldwin at the north end of the yard near the diamond. The train is crossing US 301/US 90.

Date: 09/27/05 11:37
Re: Baldwin, FLA
Author: SVTS

A shot to the south from the same spot, the north end of the yard.

Date: 09/27/05 16:04
Re: Baldwin, FLA
Author: calsubd

It used to be a great location, now with the East / West interruption due to mother nature I'd go to Folkston , Ed

Date: 09/27/05 18:38
Re: Baldwin, FLA
Author: MEKoch

I have sat in this town near the old tower. Local cops have thrown me out twice. They even smiled at my wife on the 2nd occasion.

I simply moved to the public road crossings.

Small town cops with nothing to do. Or I am the bomber.....

Date: 09/28/05 16:23
Re: Baldwin, FLA
Author: TV-10

I got busted outta there by a RR bull, too. He was watching inbound freights off the NO line for riders; told me the tower in the wye was a favorite place for hobos to set up their jungle.

Sounds like that town is in STEEP decline.

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