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Date: 11/22/07 19:16
Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: GP35

Today this Thanksgiving day afternoon I went out for a drive in the Baltimore and Jessup, Maryland areas. I was surprised to see the five old Chessie cabooses displayed for a long time along Hammonds Ferry Road in Lansdowne, Maryland getting moved out.

Hope someone here can fill me in on the details as to why the cabooses are being moved and where they are going to end up at. Hopefully not the scrap yard!!! At least one painted CSX has found a new home along Brock Bridge Road at the corner of Washington Street in the Jessup/ Savage, Maryland area. It's across from the MARC commuter train platform at Savage, Md.

Here are a couple pic's of the cabooses at Lansdowne in happier days taken in August of 1994. These were scanned from old prints I had in my photo album. The caboose numbers were WM circus red/ white 1830, B&O red C2449, B&O blue C2874, B&O Chessie C2956, and B&O/ CSX 902946.

Third pic is the last two cabooses to be moved out along Hammonds Ferry Road.

Date: 11/22/07 19:19
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: GP35

Here are some more photo angles.

Date: 11/22/07 19:25
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: GP35

Seventh pic is the Grove crane used to lift the cabooses onto lowboy tractor trailers I assume.

Eighth pic is some more display items at Lansdowne. I assume that is Q370 led by CSX 5286, 8776, 7869, and 1127 awaiting a crew at Lansdowne.

Ninth pic is the SW1001 CSX 1127. I believe it is an old Reading unit.

Date: 11/22/07 19:29
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: GP35

Here is the old B&O CSX caboose 902946 at it's new home along Brock Bridge Road in the Savage, Md. area. The caboose can still be seen from the CSX Capital Subdivision as it is parallel to the tracks.

Date: 11/22/07 19:36
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: GP35

CSX did run it's intermodal trains this Thanksgiving day. Here is CSX Q172 at the MARC Savage station speeding along past at 2:12 pm. CSX 5001 and 4768 led the Q172. Other intermodals I heard on the scanner were Q173, Q174 and Q130.

Jessup Yard power laying around were CSX 2506, 6354, 6004, and 6000. Here they are in the last rays of sunlight at 4:15 pm.

Hope you enjoyed,


Date: 11/23/07 09:19
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: Nictd1000

I don't think these cabooses wil be scrapped. If so, I don't think that they would've worried about keeping the steps on the cars while jacking them up.


Date: 11/23/07 18:31
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: up833

Story about these cabs over at Altamont Press last Tuesday.
Roger Beckett
Note: with photos

Date: 11/23/07 19:17
Re: Old Cabooses On The Move
Author: GP35

Many Thanks to You up833 for providing the link with the information I was looking for. That's what Trainorders is all about, railfans helping one another.

Thanks again,


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