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Eastern Railroad Discussion > How About Some Runaway Train Music

Date: 05/15/01 12:48
How About Some Runaway Train Music
Author: davidenos58

Elton John & Eric Clapton. "Runaway Train" on CD "The One"
Runaway Train is good. Gives people something else to get excited about instead of all the other boring stuff in the news!

Date: 05/15/01 13:30
I Got The Runaway Blues
Author: CSX106CL

I see the train a coming,
a rolling down the tracks.
No one in the lead cab,
will they ever get it back.
Its headed for the East coast,
with forty-six in tow.
With its steel wheels a humming,
all the way from Toledo.

Date: 05/15/01 13:42
RE: How About Some Runaway Train Music
Author: derecho

Wouldn't you know, I just got my copy of the Runaway Train movie soundtrack in the mail yesterday! I'd been searching high and low trying to find it for a while, as I got a hankering for its haunting version of Vivaldi's 'Gloria'. I finally did find it on eBay about a month ago -- on vinyl.


Date: 05/15/01 13:50
Sound track?
Author: sooman

I didn't know they ever made a soundtrack to that movie.

Date: 05/15/01 19:35
RE: Sound track?
Author: IORY_GP40

Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train" would be the best choice. That song rules! I know, I'm a sucker for ballads...


Date: 05/16/01 09:10
RE: Sound track?
Author: twinbrook

You should be congratulated on your pun. Whenever you have a runaway train it should be on "sound track."

Date: 05/16/01 19:50
RE: Runaway Train Music (Crazy Train)
Author: C_ville

My vote goes to Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne. His song fits the scenario better.

Date: 05/17/01 07:51
Runaway Train films
Author: Annie

There's a Hindi film by the name of 'Burning Train' that's
actually pretty good. Copies I've seen of it have all been
subtitled in English. You'd have to go to an indian film rental
place to find it.

Anyway, it's a great action flick. The runaway in question
(passenger) catches fire. The passengers are getting forced
further and further to the rear by the flames, as they try
to stop the train.

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