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Date: 05/21/01 17:03
Greensboro, NC
Author: CSXFAN

Hey Gang!!

I'll be heading to Greensboro, NC this weekend for my sister's soccer tournament and was hoping to squeeze in a little train watching. Does anybody know some good spots to watch trains at there? How many trains a day and best times to be there? Thanks!!!
Happy Railfanning!!

MP 140.78, CSX S-Line, Wake Forest, NC

Date: 05/21/01 20:59
RE: Greensboro, NC
Author: ncrail

The Amtrak station of Holden Road and spring Garden is at the south end of Pomona Yard and great for railfanning. Train counts average 35-40 a day with evenings and late morning being the best times. Lee Street downtown by the old depot is also good (Junction of Mainline and H-Line to Raleigh). The Raleigh frieghts usually come through in the late evening, although sometimes 100 cars long.


Date: 05/22/01 15:34
RE: Greensboro, NC
Author: kevingillespie

I agree about the station site. I'm a "Twister's" fan as my nieces played for them through high school.

Date: 05/22/01 17:09
RE: Greensboro, NC
Author: ns1

How old is your sister? Some people might want to watch her play soccer instead of watch trains.

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