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Date: 08/05/01 08:26
OHIO RR map from 1919
Author: RichS

I was fortunate enough to have a few hours to study a rather fragile railroad map of the entire state of Ohio from 1919. Boy, talk about a lot of different roads! It was found in the attic of the old family farmhouse. I asked the person who brought it for me to see if his family would consider selling it to someone who would appreciate it (me). I'm waiting for an affimative! RichS.

Date: 08/05/01 08:54
RE: OHIO RR map from 1919
Author: skunk

If you get it or not see if you can have it professionlly copied (large one piece image) before it falls apart. That's a great year, since most of the railroads were intact. Did it show the interurbans too? If you have a problem identifying some of the roads, let me know, because I have a great reference for that.

Date: 08/05/01 09:13
RE: OHIO RR map from 1919
Author: zars

I have two 1914 Ohio Railroad maps. One was found by a buddy of mine who was a carpenter working restorations of buildings in the Victorian Village area of Columbus. This map fell out from behind some old kitchen cabinets he was pulling down. It was supplied by the office of a state representative from Perry County. It was in pretty bad shape, with portions of Fayette, Madison and Pickaway counties chewed away by mice. The parchment paper was also deteriorating at the folds and was dropping pieces every time I unfolded it. I finally glued it to a piece of sub-flooring with decoupage glue and sealed it with varnish. I had it hanging on the wall for many years until I noticed the the red "Pennsylvania" and the pink "Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton" lines on the map were fading (in fact, the CH&D lines are practically obliterated). I still have this map, but it is now stored in a closet.

The 1914 map included 52 railroad companies and 71 interurban companies. It also continued to list the routes of the state Canal system, though the great 1913 flood had pretty well knocked them out of commision.

I found another copy of the same map; in pretty good condition, at a Buckeye railroadiana show in Columbus for $40 back in the early 1990's. If this family does not want to part with it; you should be able to find it or a similar map, at one of these shows. If you get one, be sure not to display it in the open, unless you can get it behind UV-proof glass.

Date: 08/05/01 11:00
Dude, this is the 21st Century
Author: blair

We're, like, digital now. You want maps? Go here.

Date: 08/05/01 14:14
RE: Dude, this is the 21st Century
Author: skunk

Thanks "Dude" for the link but the 1919 or 1914 maps beat the 1895 map because they include more railroads, including the interurbans.

Date: 08/05/01 14:26
RE: Dude, this is the 21st Century
Author: blair

skunk wrote:
> Thanks "Dude" for the link but the 1919 or 1914 maps beat the
> 1895 map because they include more railroads, including the
> interurbans.

De nada, dude. I confess to hanging on to my dead tree versions of maps and atlases too. When I see one at a yard sale or rummage sale, it's hard for me to resist. I have a 1922 Hammond Atlas that has print so small I nearly can't read it. Chock full of RR's, as you can well imagine. It disintegrates a little bit more every time I open it.

No doubt the copyrights have expired on books that old. Who out there in 'Net land is scanning old atlases in .jpg or .pdf files?

Date: 08/06/01 00:46
RE: OHIO RR map from 1909
Author: dieselfan

I was given an Ohio RR map from 1909 with a hard bound cover,about the same size as a fold-up highway map.One of the oldest pieces in my RR antique books collection!


Date: 08/06/01 02:50
RE: Thanks..and 1 last thought
Author: RichS

If I cannot purchase it, I know I can get it to be professionally copied. The map itself appears to be made of, for lack of better words, window shade material. I'll let you know what happens. RichS

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