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Eastern Railroad Discussion > Only Remaining Local Freight Customer On Septa's Media

Date: 05/20/13 16:15
Only Remaining Local Freight Customer On Septa's Media
Author: Out_Of_Service

word has it on the street well info actually provided from one of the yahoo groups site states that the only remaining freight customer < Amoroso Baking Co.> which receives a cpl of flour loads in covered hoppers everyday(well night) will stop operations in Philly ... according to the info provided on the Yahoo group the info states that both facilities are located within the Conrail CSAO territory but on opposite sides of the Delware River with facility operations being transferred with closing the Amoroso 55th St facility and relocating the operstion across the river to the Bellmawr industrial park about 5 miles south of Camden ...

the Bellmawr industrial park is located on the Conrail Grenloch industrial track which branches off the Conrail Vineland Secondary in Gloucester, NJ ... the industrial track dead ends at the industrial park ... Amoroso's present location is situated on Septa's Media Line AT 55th St in Philly and is served by a nocturnal Conrail CSAO local crew YPPG-33 out of South Philly ... the new location will also be served by a Conrail CSAO local crew YPCA-05 out of Pavonia yard in Camden, NJ ... the timeline for rehabbing the vacant bldg structure and associated track construction is suppose to be completed by May 2014 at which time baking operations will be transferred to the new facility in Bellmawr and will cease at the 55th facility ... there is a siding track to the bldg but it's been somewhat paved over

the operations of both locals are as such whereas the YP-33 crew comes out of Philadelphia Greenwich yard and heads south on the Arsenal connecting track to Amtrak's Phil interlocking where it clears and then reverses north to Septa's Arsenal interlocking where it reverses again to head south on Septa's Media Line ... and does the reverse move on the rebound trip ... the CA-05 move is less complicated whereas the 05 crew comes out of Pavonia and heads south on the Vineland Sec to the switch for the Grenloch industrial which is located directly under the Walt Whitman Bridge they then head south 5 miles to the end of track at the industrial park ... only one customer IP paper is the only one customer presently being serviced these days on a M-W-F schedule which will change to a 5 days maybe 7 days a week to service Amoroso ...

DISCLAIMER: Amtrak does run ballast trans up to the Glen Mills quarry to load ballast for their ballast trains

Date: 05/20/13 19:30
Re: Only Remaining Local Freight Customer On Septa's Me
Author: GPutz

What's not mentioned is that the only really authentic Philly Cheese Steak is on an Amoroso roll. Gerry

Date: 05/21/13 02:59
Re: Only Remaining Local Freight Customer On Septa's Me
Author: NYSW1904

^^^ No truer words have been spoken.

Date: 05/21/13 07:22
Re: Only Remaining Local Freight Customer On Septa's Me
Author: Gonut1

Thanks for the update.

Date: 05/21/13 11:04
Re: Only Remaining Local Freight Customer On Septa's Me
Author: darkcloud

> Amoroso

She was awful on The Apprentice.

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