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Date: 01/09/17 12:31
Train counts on KCS Meridian Speedway
Author: ns2557

What is current traffic like on the KCS btwn.Jackson Ms and Meridian Ms. Have a few hours to kill, thinking about gettin trackside in Forest Ms today while I wait. Thnks for any insight. Ben

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Date: 01/09/17 13:49
Re: Train counts on KCS Meridian Speedway
Author: florida581

There may be 10-12 road trains in a 24-hour period between Meridian and Jackson, mostly traffic to or from NS.


IATDA Atlanta, GA (NS 219) - Dallas, TX

IDAAT Dallas, TX - Atlanta, GA (NS 220)

IATDA2 Atlanta, GA (NS 23E) - Dallas, TX

IDAAT2 Dallas, TX - Atlanta, GA (NS 24E)

IZATLA Meridian, MS (NS 225) - Shreveport, LA (UP ZAILC)

IZLAAT Shreveport, LA (UP ZLCAI) - Meridian, MS (NS 226)

IZLANS Shreveport, LA (UP KLBNS) - Meridian, MS (NS 22G)


MARSH Artesia, MS - Shreveport, LA

MSHAR Shreveport, LA - Artesia, MS

MNSJA Meridian, MS (NS 339) - Jackson, MS

MSHNS Shreveport, LA - Meridian, MS (NS 340)

There's also occasional grain trains to Morton, MS.


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