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Date: 02/16/17 13:04
RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: rbx551985

TRIP REPORT:  Blue Unit Circus Train, Feb. 13-14, 2017 -Raleigh NC to Philadelphia PA
Train I.D. = CSXT P926-13 (CSX Transportation, Passenger extra #926, departing Feb. 13)
Motive power - 2 locomotives - from Raleigh:
CSXT 7762
CSXT 7734 

First day:  Sunday, February 12, 2017 ... Late Afternoon 
I have been in Raleigh NC now for 3 days, hanging out with "Circus Family" in Raleigh, NC -- this is the last time this show is now scheduled to appear here, as the owners have elected to shut down the show due to a severe drop off of patronage after the May 2016 retirement of the elephants.  It was said by some to be a strategic move to show how concerned they were over elephant welfare, but it backfired, as few people were interested in a "Ringling Bros.' " show without elephants - and the ticket sales for both railroad tours (this one is currently called 'OUT OF THIS WORLD') went into a proverbial black hole.  Yet here I am, unable to get this so-called "sawdust out of my blood" (a reference from the 1952 movie "The Greatest Show On Earth" starring Charlton Heston which is as true in real life as it was in that fictional, long-ago storyline). 

It's Sunday and the last show has started at 3pm; it will all be over for Raleigh (and nearby) natives who love this show:  ticket sales since the shut-down notice have gone through the roof, and I have to agree with the owners' statement that "where were they when the show needed them the most?" The show's on tour Train-Crew is getting ready for the arrival of the flatcars, stored the past several days in downtown Raleigh's CSX yard.  They arrive and are spotted for loading on the middle of 3 tracks:  one of the two mainlines, both of which are on a dramatically banked curve to allow Amtrak and NC Dot commuter trains to roll by at full, higher speeds approaching 80mph.  This will prove problematic when the loading begins.... The show ends; immediately there are dozens and dozens (and more!) people driving or walking to the coaches, which are spotted in 2 cuts near the building:  that's rare, but welcome by Circus folk, some of whom prefer to walk to work, made easy here due to the train's placement across Hillsborough Rd. from the Raleigh Fairgrounds arena.  These people take many photos of themselves standing in front of the show's passenger cars, and WOW do they have stories to tell about their love for the show, how many have been attending RBBB Circus for 50+ years (no kidding - even before the show went from canvas tents to indoor arenas), and their affection for seeing the Circus Train.  Some plan to stick around for the loading, as do many in the towns the two RBBB shows play.

The RR line here is jointly-owned by both CSX Transportation (CSXT) and Norfolk Southern (NS).  NS brought the show here; CSXT will take them out.  The flatcar loading location is at the Blue Ridge Rd. grade crossing:  a Shell gas station is at the corner across from the Fairgrounds where the arena sits; Hillsborough Rd. is parallel to the RR's west side and Beryl Rd. is parallel to the railroad's east side; stop lights are on both intersections, on both sides of the RR crossing.  For safety and to allow unrestricted access to the Blue Ridge Rd. crossing for loading the flatcars, city police have blocked off the street making detours from Blue Ridge Rd. a necessity. Upon the start-up of loading the flatcars, it is apparent that there will be issues:  the Train-crew assembles a cut of 8 wagons, tied to each other by the "poles," or tongues, on the front of each wagon, just like the bar with which a kid's wagon is pulled. 

But since the flatcars are tilted severely into the banked curve, the long cut of wagons begins to drift toward the downward slope as they move along from car to car:  the tires of the wagons drift up and over the chain gunnel of the first flatcar as they move toward the second car.... "STOP!" is the command, lest the wagons tumble off the side of the car onto the other main track. After trying to carefully move the wagons back onto the car's deck, nothing works -- so CSXT is called to bring out a backhoe tractor to assist.... they will literally PUSH the wagons back up onto the flatcar by driving onto the other main track (CSXT and NS dispatchers are alerted; the Blue Ridge Rd. grade crossing is already stop-protected for the loading anyway, as all trains must STOP and flat the crossing before proceeding).  This takes an enormous amount of time, as the wagons must be WALKED down the long cut of flatcars.... 

IT IS 1:15 P.M. THE NEXT DAY, Monday, Feb. 13, before everything's aboard and tied down.  The train was to depart around dawn, but once again fate has dictated that the show will not go on.... at least, not on time, anyway.  (Woe to railfans and Circus fans waiting all over NC and VA to see the last move through the region with a fully-loaded RBBB Circus Train; they must have been wondering when/if the train would depart.) But finally, it's ready to be assembled:  the cut of flats is shoved back off the crossing to allow the road power to access the siding just east of the crossing to pick up the second cut of coaches.  The first cut of 8 coaches has been pulled from the stub-end track just west of the crossing, and is shoved into couple up with the rest of the passenger cars, full of over 300 men, women and children of the Blue Unit Circus.  During this, I say to the CSXT backhoe driver  (who assisted all night by lifting those errant wagons back off the flatcar-sides onto the flatcar decks) that the smooth starts and stops of the cars we are seeing (in the adept hands of this engineer) show how good this engineer handles his train.... and immediately that comment is answered by a startling SLAM of the coupler slack as the train jumps forward and then stops again.  BOOM---!! ...and BOOM!! He casually remarks, "Well I guess we now have 300 people angry at us for that [bang]."  It's difficult to control slack in a train this long. To answer that point, we see a member of the show's Chinese Troupe replace a knocked-down item in the window of the coach before us.  The next time, I'll just keep my mouth shut until AFTER the switching of the train is completed (LOL). 

It's 3:05pm, and 36 coaches drag out of the long siding behind the 2 road engines onto the main (this should have happened before sunrise, this morning).  The coaches are coupled to the 5-part, articulated flatcar which carries the show's concessions materials, behind which sit the now-fully-loaded flatcars.  After a brake test, it's finally time to go. 

4:08pm - DEPART RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA ... for the last time.  Railfans gather at the Powell Rd. grade crossing to film the departure, as hundreds of detouring motorists wait to get to the other side of the tracks. 

4:45pm - A man waiting for a ride beside "old" Rt. 301, where a road branches off across the RR to a woodchip plant, turns to see the Circus begin to roll by at what appears to be 49mph - and his attention stays there for the duration of the train's entire length.  This is at north Merry Oaks, NC.  just north of the "new" Rt. 1 overpass.  At a SKYMART diesel-fuel truck stop beside the overpass, a trucker at a pump notices RBBB Blue passing, and smiles, waving to those out riding in the train's vestibules..... 

4:48pm - Passing over the Haw River; "SEABOARD" is still on this bridge, facing toward the parallel Rt. 1 bridge. 

5:05pm - Sanford NC:  men at car repair center beside the RR crossing turn to see the coaches; one remarks he and his family saw the show in Raleigh this past Saturday, and the reverence in his voice, and his silent, smileful contemplation over seeing the Circus Train, it is obvious his family outing was loved by all.  The train bumps over the diamond RR-X with the Atlantic & Western RR Co. 

SEE: https://www.gwrr.com/railroads/north_america/atlantic_western_railroad#m_tab-one-panel 

Dozens of people from the town emerge from stores, or pause while walking on sidewalks, to see the Blue show's pass through town:  all of them, without ANY exception, are smiling and waving to those brave enough to stand or sit (on stools) in the train's vestibules.  They almost seem to know, instinctively somehow, that this is a true farewell and that they will never see this train (or its sister train) again.... 

5:50pm - Aberdeen NC.  STOP for crewchange (van brings crew from Hamlet Yard, not far ahead; this CSX crew is said to be qualified to run the train through to Raleigh on both this, the "S-Line" (former Seaboard Air Line [SAL] RR) and on the "A-Line" (former Atlantic Coast [ACL] Line.)  In town, several carloads of railfans and Circus fans are waiting to see them roll by, including Aberdeen & Rockfish (shortline) RR's Trainmaster, Chris Auman, who sets up his camera just north of the old SAL passenger station, now used by Amtrak. 

SEE: http://www.aberdeen-rockfish.com/ 

It is at this same time of day that the Blue Unit's SISTER show, the Red Unit, has its own train-run happening from Greensboro NC to Atlanta GA.... 

5:52pm (ON ANOTHER RR LINE IN GEORGIA:  A Facebook video taken from aboard the Red Unit in Toccoa GA just goes to show how many Americans LOVE "The Greatest Show On Earth" -- even in its twilight hours.  The video witnessed hundreds (no exaggeration) in the greater Toccoa, Georgia area who came to see the mile-long Red Unit Circus Train making its way to Atlanta:  they had waited for this passing through of the show-train, and were lined up by the tracks several deep -- appearing to be literally hundreds of people.  If one ever knew who their friends were, this event was proof enough that RBBB Circus has friends everywhere.) 

6:15pm - Blue show departs Aberdeen; everyone gets to see the train:  including employees and patrons of the grocery store facing the tracks a block north of the Amtrak Station.  Chris Auman gets his photos, quite conscience of this being the last run of either RBBB train on the S-Line in this region.... It's dusk now, and the sun seems to be going down on this Train-Run, and show, faster than normal.  We all know that isn't so, yet the feeling that this is the LAST run of either RBBB train on the S-Line from Raleigh NC is foremost on our minds. 

6:43pm - A man is outside his trailer at Old Laurel Hill Rd. grade crossing, about a dozen miles north of Hamlet, and has lit a nicely-sized bonfire:  the train passes at reduced speed for the advance approach to Hamlet, and the man waves to EVERY passenger car, even those unoccupied by vestibule riders, and when the flats begin to pass, he turns to gaze into the fire.  God only knows what he's thinking about it all.... 

Millions of people all over America, as well as from other countries, have voiced their shock over the pending close-down of this Circus:  after 146 years and all manner of troubles, all of which were overcome, the owners finally threw in the towel to admit defeat against the odds.  Ironically, this was the basis of the plot of the 1952 Paramount Pictures movie "The Greatest Show On Earth" starring Charlton Heston:  the owners, who played themselves in the fictional storyline, decided to "stay out as long as we're in the black" [financially speaking].  This time, reality has hit home in a terribly tragic way:  long years of paying enormous court fees in defense of animal rights activists who, as the courts would learn too late to save the show, created false information to coax city councils to ban elephant-leading "bull hooks," would cost them dearly in the end.  Of course the show could not continue to just carry around elephants without income from showcasing their talents (ticket sales declined upon their retirement to the point the show simply couldn't continue).... and this led to the decision to shut it all down this coming May, 2017.  The personnel on both trains are to vacate the RR cars upon the completion of the last show so the trains can be dead-headed to Florida storage with no one aboard... they will both be "ghost trains" on their final runs to destiny. What's even more ironic is that now they have made it public they are closing this coming May, ticket sales have skyrocketed, and many shows are now sold out through the last performance of both tours, or are very close to selling out. 

NOTE TO ALL:  IF YOU, READING THIS TRIP-REPORT, hope to see either show one more time, we strongly recommend that you make all haste in acquiring tickets for you and your family NOW, while they still exist. Meanwhile, the Circus Trains roll on.

6:58pm - Hamlet Yard.  The train continues on the mainline by the large Classification Yard; ahead the signal shows RED-over-GREEN-over-RED; they are to cross over and take the left-hand main out of town:  the track which continues around Hamlet Wye at the downtown passenger station, with no stopping. 

7:05pm - HAMLET WYE.  The Circus Train rounds the bend, turning due east toward the direction of the Atlantic Ocean, and in the show's case, toward the A-Line which will take them north to Virginia, and beyond that, to Philadelphia. It is here we see a brief glimpse of how much The Greatest Show On Earth has affected people around the nation:  just like in Toccoa, Georgia (seeing the Red Unit's train), at least a dozen (or more) automobiles are parked in the middle of the wye just north of the straight-south mainline to S. Carolina, with their headlights aimed at the curve of the east leg of the wye -- the perfect vantage point in the dark, now, to see the Circus roll by.  And, to add to that throng, there are about 2-dozen or more all along the ridge across the street, over in town (along the west leg of the wye), who are also waiting.  As the train negotiates the east leg of the wye, everyone's lights come on, people emerge from their cars and take places along the rail line, and all their cameras begin shooting (both video and still shots) as the men, women and children of this region all stand in salute to an American Icon that has graced our nation for 146 years. Remember those bright COACH LIGHTS atop every passenger car, shining out from the rail line into the adjacent brush or towns they pass through?  This is another item which makes the two RBBB trains unique among any other trains on Earth.  Well, many of those at Hamlet Wye note how far into the distance they can still see the train, AT NIGHT, as they accelerate out of town, eastward, after the last car clears the wye.... 

7:27pm - Parallel now to east-west highway 74, the Blue show passes through Laurel Hill NC, with another dozen cars waiting with headlights trained (--pun intended--) on the railcar-sides which show RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS:  these are not railfans or Circus fans, but plain old local residents and motorists on their way home or to work:  yet they, too, are seen pointing to the red banners on the coach sides and talking to one another about having had the priviledge of having seen the RBBB Circus Train.  Soon the show rolls through Maxton, to even more of that same hushed awe:  The Circus is like an American child of Entertainment and Railroading, grown up now and in its heyday, and facing termination in just 3 more months.  Soon, the train turns north around the connection track at Pembroke NC;  now instead of rolling almost due east, it is now rolling north on the A-Line toward a major Pennsylvania city full of waiting patrons, those Children Of All Ages who love the Circus. 

9:12pm - Amtrak's longest train, the "Auto Train," has two sets which depart their origin points (Lorton VA and Sanford FL) every day:  it's the next-longest passenger train in history, after the two RBBB trains.  Tonight at this time, as railfans and Circus fans gather at the Fayetteville NC depot and along the CSX (ex-A-Line) double track through town, southbound Auto Train "P053" passes RBBB Blue, both at reduced speed.  It is thought that P053 slowed either for a signal to cross over to the other track south of downtown, or to allow patrons aboard to see the Circus Train one last time through here. 

SEE: https://www.amtrak.com/auto-train 

10:45pm - With another dozen or so railfans waiting all day, ["Finally!"] they get to see the Blue Unit Circus Train at Selma NC's Amtrak station.  As the train clatters over the diamond rail-rail crossing over Norfolk Southern, many cameras click and film video and still images:  even at night they will turn out well; the coach lights have a way of assisting in that task. 

11:01pm - The train is rolling fast through Kenly NC, just north of the I-95 overpass; no one is out to see them now, however:  it's getting very cold, and a bit late, apparently, for most. 

11:11pm - At Lucama NC, the train does encounter people out waiting to see them, and a police officer departs quickly from a convenience store to pace the train north along Highway 301.  The town's former ACL Railroad depot has been moved to a new location next to Rt. 301, and is now, basically, an antique store.  In various places here, the highway and RR diverge apart a bit then come back together, then part again:  in those parts where the track is a quarter mile or so away from Rt. 301, the train's spot lights, and hundreds of windows with interior lights aglow, give it the appearance of a scale model train on a long layout in the dark.... 

11:22pm - the Blue show blows by, over the A-Line overpass above Rt. 301, in Wilson, NC.  Some motorists driving beneath the bridge actually slow down to see What-On-Earth kind of train has those bright spotlights; one pulls over on an access road, near the town's tall grain elevators, to watch in safety. 

11:45pm - As the train makes a slow pass into town (there's a STOP signal ahead at South Rocky Mount Yard), through Sharpsburg NC, a railfan is out to film their roll-through adjacent to the town's water tower, while three cops, waiting for a call, stand outside their vehicles to watch this train pass:  their conversation is all Circus.... 

11:52 - STOP at South Rocky Mount (NC) Yard, as southbound Amtrak "Silver Meteor" (with 2 engines and 9 cars) passes at a flat-out 79mph.  Then, at 11:58pm, the dispatcher gives RBBB a signal north, crossing over onto the same track the 'Meteor just passed upon. 


12:15am - STOP at Rocky Mount Yard tower:  the two engines receive fuel; the tanks are topped off while a new crew takes over. 

12:45am - DEPART ROCKY MOUNT.  Only a few people are out and about in town this time of night on this date, yet those who are out and about are able to witness the final pass of this train through town while it is still "alive" with the hundreds of people aboard who are RBBB Blue Unit Circus (upon the last show, all personnel are to disembark, leaving the both trains barren of people and "dark" for the return to Florida storage and further disposition).  At  last, the final flatcar rolls by on the mainline (left track of 2, heading north, or the "Station Track" at the restored Amtrak Station here), and the Blue Unit accelerates northward into the night. 

2am - "State Line Curve," otherwise known as Pleasant Hill NC:  it is the border of North Carolina with Virginia.  The train rolls steadily north along parallel Rt. 301, and soon passes a southbound trainload of rock and gravel heading to customers on the Portsmouth Subdivision, which diverts eastward at Garysburg, several miles behind the Circus Train. 

2:22am - Several waiting automobiles at the E. Atlantic St. (Rt. 58) crossing in Emporia VA also witness this mile-long piece of American history pass through their home town, but now no one is left riding the train's vestibules, or at least no one on the "west" side of the train - the side which is visible from this car-chase on Highway Rt. 301. 

2:37am - The train arcs around the banked, right-hand (northbound) curve at Jarratt VA; one or two locals, still awake, step out their doors to see this train roll by (the spot lights attract many as they go by).  This rail line is busy, and getting busier:  at Carson VA, a slow, southbound grain train passes RBBB Blue while a lady in a lone vehicle waits to cross the rail line .... the last grain car rolls through the crossing as the middle of the coach-section of the Circus is rolling the other way, and another of America's general population gets to see this mammoth Circus Train one more time. 

3:12am - N. Collier Yard, where many railfans train-watch each weekend, the line of bright coach spotlights pass by.... Amtrak's northbound Silver Meteor, counterpart of the southbound which passed RBBB Blue at South Rocky Mount, is getting close - less than an hour behind Ringling' - and the CSX dispatcher is heard over the radio scanner planning ahead on which train(s) will get priority upon reaching Richmond. 

3:55am - Richmond, Virginia.  The Circus comes to a halt with the engines out in the middle of the James River [stone arch] Bridge (Mile Post ZERO on the A-Line toward Florida):  the rear of a long freight train, northbound Q410 from Waycross GA to Selkirk NY, is stopped just ahead around the curve.  But that train begins moving as Ringling' stops on the bridge, entering Acca Yard just a few miles ahead.  They move again, slowly, forward to the next signal up the line, just around the curve at Douglasdale Rd. overpass - and stop again just after 4am. After Q410 gets into the yard, Ringling' Blue proceeds to West Acca Wye to recrew; they will follow the northbound Silver Star out of town.  Also, CSXT locomotive #2720 is added here:  unlike the 2 engines from Raleigh, this one is equipped with "Train-Control" signaling for movement over the rail line north of Richmond, the former Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac (RF&P) RR (The A-Line south of here does not have train-control signaling capability).  The Silver Star soon passes, and Ringling gets the signal out of town to follow, crossing over to take the "Passenger Main" through Acca Yard. 

SIDEBAR, "CAB SIGNALLING," from Wiki (---for those reading this Trip Report who are not railroad-savvy): 
"Cab signalling is a system that communicates signalling information into the train cab (driving position). The simplest systems 'repeat' the trackside signal aspect, while more sophisticated systems also display the maximum permitted speed and dynamic information for the route ahead, based on the distance in front which is clear and the braking characteristics of the train. In modern systems, a train protection system is usually overlaid on top of the cab signalling system and will automatically apply the brakes and bring the train to a stand if the driver fails to control the speed of the train in accordance with the system demands. Cab signalling systems range from simple coded track circuits, to transponders that communicate with the cab, and communication-based train control systems." 

6:30am - With Amtrak's northbound 'Meteor now departed for New York City, RBBB Blue rolls by the Richmond Amtrak "Staples Mill Rd." Station at Greendale interlocking, staying on the left-hand main (of 2 tracks) northward. 

6:48am - Upon the Blue Unit's passing Ellmont Rd. crossing, 3 railfans watch them pass and take videos of the move, the last time with a fully-loaded Blue Unit Circus Train on the RF&P.  (It should be noted that this show's sister train, the Red Unit, will make a final move of its own over this same route on April 3, from Hampton VA to the Northeast.)  After blowing through  Ashland, Va. three minutes later, with many morning motorists and commuters, joggers and early-morning risers getting to see it roll by, the Blue Unit Circus Train disappears into the coming dawn, now with ever-growing light.... yes, another Circus Day is dawning, defying the coming night of late May, 2017, when the lights go dark and the curtains fall forever on The Greatest Show On Earth.  

Later this morning, will the hundreds of Virginia Railway Express (VRE) riders from Fredericksburg north get to see the Blue Unit Circus Train?  Hopefully, yes.  The show's train will be by AF Interlocking in Alexandria at 9:03am (we later learn), just after the morning commuter rush into Washington, D.C. is over.  But I won't see that part of the run, for it is here I take my leave of this Train-Run, as others will take up the torch of train-chasing and reporting/filming as the show continues on to Philadelphia.  I've been driving this chase-car since 4pm yesterday, and I'm just a bit tired.... (spoken tongue-in-cheek, as you bet your a-- I'm tired! I'm going on adrenalin now in this early morning hour), and in desperate need of sleep.  Rest will come soon, and then another day of a "real life" (what Circus folk call "Townies") resumes.  Yet, soon I hope to once more take to the rails as I rejoin this tour one last time before it's all gone for good, and toward that end, I look forward to living with my Circus Family one more time.
Stay tuned.... some of my last Circus Train Trip Reports will, hopefully, be from aboard the RINGLING BROS. AND BARNUM & BAILEY Blue Unit Circus Train.

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Date: 02/16/17 13:35
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: Pattenburg

Rhett - not only will I miss seeing the circus trains when they pass through NJ but the trip reports you have provided here on Trainorders over the years.

Date: 02/16/17 13:37
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: RNinRVR

Nice report, but I do believe that was the Meteor that you followed north of Richmond since the north bound Star does not normally get into Richmond until after noon.

Sharon Evans
Glen Allen, VA

Date: 02/16/17 13:50
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: rbx551985

MOBILITY:  that's a major part of how America works.  It was so for the U.S. Military as well when they studied how Ringling' moved its massive tent show not long after the turn of the last century.... they still use the so-called "Circus" method in today's military logistics.  So this image, taken this week in Atlanta, Georgia by Red Unit's own Kenny Short (BMX bike rider in the show), added here with his blessing, is as poignant as they come.  His caption reads:"This photo has two inanimate objects, neither are capable of altering your life in anyway unless you let them. Both are interesting vehicles, neither of them is for everyone. They both have brought me places I would never have normally imagined going, helped me meet incredible people from all over the world, taught me unimaginable things about myself, have taken me on serene and amazing rides as w...ell as rough ones with unexpected set backs. They both require a fair amount of patience, energy and maintenance. These two vehicles have come to mean more to me than I ever imagined being possible and have only done so because I let them. What I'm getting at is how important it is to let life's 'vehicles', literal or metaphorical carry you forward because as long as it's in the name of following your dreams you'll be just fine."  Following that, he adds this quote:

"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love." -Jim Carrey

Read more about Kenny Short, one of our Circus Family, here:  http://theexpansionprojectpodcast.com/ep-24-kenny-short-interview-bmx-rider-turned-circus-performer-talks-about-life-on-the-road/

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Date: 02/16/17 13:52
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: rbx551985

RNinRVR Wrote:
> Nice report, but I do believe that was the Meteor
> that you followed north of Richmond since the
> north bound Star does not normally get into
> Richmond until after noon.


Date: 02/16/17 14:42
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: eastpenn23

Great job

Date: 02/16/17 16:56
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: blackcatd9

Rhett:  Excellent Trip Report - as always.
Will say - as with runs in the past - glad to take part again for the “quick on spot time Posts” as you do the chase.
As said last year (2016 Charleston WV to Wilkes-Barre PA) good to see you in person once again.
The best from “The Network”, “Tower 48” and “bcd9”.
Looking forward to a few more runs – if possible - before it all comes to an end.
All for now.  bcd9  ∑:=)

Date: 02/16/17 20:01
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: OCtrainguy

Like others have said, I also appreciate the report and information shared about the train, both before and during its moves.  

Out of curiosity, does anyone know when the train reached Philadelphia? I think the last report I saw was the train was in Newark, Delaware shortly after 2:30 p.m. 

Date: 02/17/17 03:03
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: blackcatd9

As far as our Incoming Data Record:
Elsmere Junction, CSX Wilsmere Yard, Delaware, Tuesday – 02/14/17
Arrival of the BUCT - Photo taken at CSX Wilsmere Yard Facility 12:19 PM EST on CSX Wilsmere Yard facebook.  Wilsmere Yard Facility is a little northeast of Newark.
CSXT Greenwich Yard – P926-13 arriving early evening for breakdown and spotting.
There is a Video of the BUCT at Elsmere Junction, CSXT Wilsmere Yard.
Hope this will help.
All for now.  bcd9  ∑:=)

Date: 02/17/17 05:48
Re: RBBB Blue Trip Report - Feb. 13 - Raleigh to Philadelphia
Author: Tominde

blackcatd9 Wrote:

> Arrival of the BUCT - Photo taken at CSX Wilsmere Yard Facility 12:19 PM EST on CSX Wilsmere Yard facebook.  Wilsmere Yard Facility is a little northeast of Newark.

I'm guessing that the time stamp was Pacific Time as it would have been Wilsmere about 3PM EST.  

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