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Eastern Railroad Discussion > salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh

Date: 04/16/17 11:19
salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh
Author: CSXQ090FAN

As I posted on sat  about the  CSX Q090.  here is my video I  got of the  train  from  Fostoria,Oh.  I hope you all  like my video and  happy easter.  

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Date: 04/16/17 18:37
Re: salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh
Author: RichK

Didn't this train used to be all reefers?  When did they start adding regular boxcars in the consist?

Richard Kaminsky
North Royalton, OH

Date: 04/16/17 19:59
Re: salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh
Author: irhoghead

I'd like to see the revenue numbers for that train for CSX. I bet it's a pretty penny.

Date: 04/17/17 06:18
Re: salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh
Author: bluesboyst

Nice to see an all box car train......But the graffiti..yuk....

Date: 04/17/17 06:24
Re: salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh
Author: Goldie

Thanks for the post. Well done.

Date: 04/17/17 20:14
Re: salad shooter on 4/15/17 Fostoria,Oh
Author: JLinDE

yes thanks for shooting the whole train. The boxcars are RBL's (Refrigerator Bunker Less) that are insulated and can keep products warm or cold in average temperatures for about 10 days. I bet they were loaded with beer or wine or some other food product. Years ago at CR I developed a coast to coast service plan for expedited carload freight. No open loads and no Hazmats. I used existing stack train schedules. Railroads, if they really wanted to could provide West Coast to East Coast reliable carload service in seven days. From just about anyplace on the West Coast to anyplace on the East Coast. I called it 'Transcon-7' I still have the file. Of course it never went anywhere, the BNSF and UP mergers made it impossible at the time, and I was internally criticized for making it a 'personal' project rather than a team effort. Well I did most of the analysis in the evening, at home, so I could do my regular work at CR. shortly after that I was asked to do work in CR line sales. But the logistics are still the same. The four big RRs (BNSF, UP, CSX and NS) can still do the service.....if they wanted to. And yes, the revenues are high even tho truck is twice as quick. But can only handle 1/4 of a rail car in weight. and many refrigerator cars are modern and satellite track-able; despite the graffiti. (Why cannot shipper and receivers install fences with concertina wire like at my local yard?.) I see mostly Cryotrans reefers here going mostly to Lansdale PA. I know some carry butter. I wonder what type of horrible service they are receiving? 12-14 days?. Good marketing in expedited perishable if railroads could do it. jl

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