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Eastern Railroad Discussion > [Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB

Date: 10/11/17 08:06
[Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB
Author: Lackawanna484

Hunter Harrison apologizes, but defends Precision Railroading.

Cargill, Dow, and others are expected to speak, describing their problems.

>>>> At least three companies have withdrawn requests to testify as service has improved. Other companies due to testify on Wednesday included The Chemours Company, Kellogg Company and Murray Energy Corp, the largest private U.S. coal mining company.

An assortment of trade groups including automotive, grain, and paper lobbyists expected to speak on Wednesday have called on Congress to make it easier for shippers to file complaints and to allow other operators to use CSX track during service disruptions.<<<

Does anyone have a video link to the hearings?


Date: 10/11/17 08:24
Re: [Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB
Author: SD80MACfan

Wonder how much he paid those three companies to keep quite about the delays.

Date: 10/11/17 09:47
Re: [Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB
Author: PlyWoody

It would seem to me that some of the powerful people and companies in this list should be able to find someway to go to the source of this service problem and take revenge against the Hedge Funds which sponsored EHH. There should be some way to leverage revenge against the Hedge Funds, as some of the interest of the Hedge Funds could also be encountering harm by these traffic methods. The Hedge Funds should be taking the blame, and not their puppet man.

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Date: 10/11/17 11:45
Re: [Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB
Author: train544

Hi Guys
Well the EHH ( IDIOT ) wont even send in to Willard Ohio an engineer to examine the land to where the city of Willard
has to drill under the tracks to move the city water line in order to lay down a spur siding tracks going into Pepperidge Farm
and Flour mill for the new flower mill. Been waiting months.
The flour mill came to Willard to be close to Pepperidge Farm and the railroad access and EHH has put this on hold also
Tom Boylan

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Date: 10/11/17 12:47
Re: [Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB
Author: Njt4172

PennPlat Wrote:
> “We cannot have, with due respect, each
> individual customer designing their own
> schedule,” he said.

Greed, incompetence, and narcissism right there with that comment from Heil Hunter

Date: 10/11/17 13:11
Re: [Wednesday] CSX on the hot seat at STB
Author: RRBadTrack

“We cannot have, with due respect, each individual customer designing their own schedule,”

This is the idiotic thinking of the meat-head Harrison.

Railroad customers have had, for decades, established times for switching their plants. The industries rely on compliance with these established times, with reasonable delays expected.

With the reduction of crews, and the increased tasks forced upon the few that remain, delays naturally increase. Harrison's moronic attitude is... "We'll get around to those industries when we can." Meanwhile, the industries who have grown accustomed to regular switching have been forced to wait for "precision railroad" service. They fall farther and farther behind schedule and their business suffers tremendously.

There were dozens if not hundreds of online industries that the Wisconsin Central worked so hard to bring back to shipping by rail. They all got excellent service from the WC, but once the CN took over, they started getting pissed on by Hatchet Harrison to the extent that most, if not all of them, went back to shipping by trucks.

The sooner Harrison is gone forever, the better off the railroad industry and the customers they serve will be.

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